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Re: I usually dont mind hybrids, but...

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Posted by christomas on March 17, 2003 at 18:37:37:

In Reply to: I usually dont mind hybrids, but... posted by jeph on March 16, 2003 at 16:25:05:

:I really hate hybrids. And thats a fact. This trend is so widespread now and its not just affecting the herps but others in the pet industry as well. Birds, fish etc. I know they might look great, but it is now what nature intended it to be. And indeed it is quite unfair to breeders who spend years, money and effort trying to breed the pure strains. I think the best way to combat this is through information and education. By letting hobbyist know the negative impact of this trend, people will refuse to buy and collect these hybrids. Its just like the law of supply and demand. If these hybrid breedrs see that there will be no takers for their stuff, they will see that their efforts are wasted and will stop doing it
: its when things like that anerythristic sina-corn are produced, dont get me wrong, its a very nice looking snake, infact just the way I pctured one in my head. But now some people might want to bred it x an albino to create double hets for snow, which I hope no one does but I bet it will happen, and now whats going to happen when the REAL anery. sinaloan shows up ?, some people might have offspring from that sina-corn breeding and try to pass them off as the real thing, I guess what you would do there is only buy from the original source who had the real anery. sinaloan. Its the same way with albino ruthveni x pyros, I had a guy e-mail me an offer asking if I'd be intersted in albino pyros, he said he was looking at my web-site and noticed my main interest is pyros and was wondering if i'd interested in some albinos, I asked him to e-mail me pics and where these albinos originated from, he sent me a pic that looked very much pyro like, and that he got them at a show. I asked if they were hybrids and he said he doesnt know ?, but was offering them to me for $2000 a piece, he had a pair, I obviously said no thanks and that he should try and track down the original breeder to get more info them, I've never heard from the guy again. I know I could of kept this to myself and the forums would of been fine without hearing it, but i know many of us here are into keeping are beautiful gems in pure form, the way nature has evolved them. And i know some people will say, well nature didnt produce this anery. sina-corn, but fact is that nature just might someday and we might even be able to see it in herptocultre and might even be lucky enough to work with it in a pure line.Well these were just my opinions and sory if i made anyone mad who works with hybrids, thats your choice and I'm very glad that this snake I'm talking about-(the anery. sina-corn, i cant believe some snakes actually have these names to lable them now) was labled correctlly as a hybrid, as the ad siad, someone really could of taken someone on ride with that one, I know I probally would of fell for it. Well take care,
:jeff Teel

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