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Hmmm... Thats Strange, But

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Posted by LeosAnonymous on May 12, 2003 at 20:19:44:

In Reply to: Says .01 cc per gram right on the bottle posted by Starling on May 12, 2003 at 20:11:41:

I guess there is such a great margin of error dosing varies greatly, the book says that doses of up to 5,000 times the normal amount are tolerated in mammals. It also says that a death due to an overdose in Panacur (in reptiles) has never occured as far as Dr. Klingenberg knows.

Basically he says "25-50 mg/kg works, so higher doses are not needed."

I wasn't trying to prove you wrong or anything, just regurgitating what my Vet told me (just talked with him over the phone) and what I am referencing in my books.

Talk to you later,

Ross Payan -

:I am assuming it is a 10% solution.



::Just wondering if you meant to say .001 cc/gram (assuming a 10% solution)...

::My vet recommends a 0.05 cc dose for a 50 gram gecko... and that is one of the more aggresive doses I've heard of (100mg/kg).

::Most books and other literature only call for up to 50mg/kg (Including "Understanding Reptile Parasites" by Dr. Klingenberg), which works out to .025 cc for a 50 gram animal.

::If I'm doing the math right, .01 cc per gram (usuing 10% solution) would work out to 1000mg/kg dosing, which would be way up there.

::-Ross Payan -

:::The dosage I was given by my vet for leos is .01 cc per gram (per gram that your leo weighs)

::::I have never had a problem with worms but I know Panacur is a good wormer. It is actually a horse wormer.I use it for my dogs and puppies but I don't know the dosage for a leo I do the dogs by the pound. I am sure somebody on here has used it and knows how much to give.

:::::For those people who have a lot of experience with Leopard geckos, what kind of wormer have you found to be the most effective and the safest and where have you been purchasing it?

:::::Thanks in advance,





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