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Re: Attention TN herpers......

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Posted by shadow on April 07, 2003 at 13:49:28:

In Reply to: Re: Attention TN herpers...... posted by Candoia1 on April 04, 2003 at 22:04:15:

Yes,the subspecies thing needs to be changed as well.Ive Talked to Representative Dunn,since he sponsored the bill in the house for Senator Burchett and he related that this bill was submitted as a "shot across TWRA's bow"so that they would wake up and be more considerate of the people of TN.He also said due a money issue,he didnt think the bill would pass.But who knows,everyone write our senators and representatives and voice yourselves to them.Ive been writing letters and email myself,so strike while the iron is hot.Also wondering whats happened to the regular TN people who often posted here??????Your awful quiet.....

:Another thought just popped into mind as well. One of TWRA's many pathetic problems is that they do not recognize sub-species. Because eastern kingsnakes are found in TN, they require proof of purchase for any kingsnake you own, even California kings that in know way could have been taken from TN's wild population. Since reptiles are native to this state, I wonder how the DOA and TWRA would split authority. Who would be in charge of setting up regulations for collecting herps from the wild? I know the bill is listed as "exotic animals", but as I said, since TWRA does not recognize subspecies, there could be a clash. TN has eastern hognose snakes, so what would the rules be for owning Madagascar giant hognose snakes? Just an interesting thought that I had. I think the DOA would have to change alot of the current rules and regs in order to make their job much less of a hassel and probably there best bet would be to exclude TWRA in any way from having any authority over any reptiles native or otherwise.

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