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Re: Salmonella Bacteria, but going with a few things mention

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Posted by mchambers on March 12, 2003 at 15:35:16:

In Reply to: Salmonella Bacteria posted by arpk on March 12, 2003 at 12:43:13:

I also have kept, bred, collect reptiles for the better of 40 years ( I'm 54 now and keeping hots ) and was in the retail pet store business for 21 years and have never knowingly gotten salmonella. But let's not overlook whether this store had a bad or lousey attorney....... much monies would a person, or in this case the store, want to spend to fight this case.
#2.... remember that I said they wanted their name not in the news paper ( pet store ) and the negative conotations that might of associated this store with customers impact.
#3....I did say that the store had all applicable warnings of salmonella posted.
#4....the people still was able to bring suite against the store.

Farther more I would argue or at least debate whether slamonella would cause problems even on healthy person/s. While you and i see the same reasoning on your " chicken from grocery store " scenario, others don't. Or let's say the very large city of Overland Park Kansas does't when it comes to the grocery store bacteria versus the pet store reptile bacteria.

Mike Chambers

:The interesting thing about Salmonella is that it is a naturally occurring ubiquitous bacteria that is found in warm blooded and cold blooded animals. Would someone be successful in suing a supermarket for eating a chicken that was contaminated with Salmonella? The only people that get sick from Salmonella are those with compromised immune systems (AIDS), infant children with underdeveloped immune systems, and others with unfortunate problems. I've been handling turtles, etc. all my life and have never gotten sick.

:This Pet Store you speak of must have gotten a real idiot of an Attorney. Anybody with half a brain can do the same research I've done.

:We're still in a let's be "politically correct" mode and try to accomodate every Tom, Dick, and Harry on this Planet.

:People carry Samonella (35%) and nobody even talks about it!!

::So I'm reading here where on a salmonella free under 4 inch turtle that the ban should be lifted. OR that the ban should be lifted on the sales of under 4 inch turtles period. Well let's go to a scenario that happened just recently in a large city with a pet store. It seeems that they ( pet store ) sold a snake to a person that came down with salmonella. There was a law suit following in which the pet store spent a lot of monies to fight. Some of the arguements on the pet stores side was that they had the proper handling of reptiles posted in the store and mostly around the reptile department. This also explained the risk of salmonella. This didn't do any good. I'n a un-specify amount, the pet store settled out of court to save the pet stores name from being blasted in the very large cities newspaper. ( the rumor is a $75,000 settlement was made ). Now even with a ban lifted and or a slamonella free turtle being able to be sold, isn't it still a risk factore knowing what went on in this pet store ? AND if I can undersatnd this right on salmonella, if they have proved that a tropical fish tank of just fish can harbor salmonella, due to waist matter growing bacteria in a filter media or a filtration system that is not up for par, can't a salmonella free animal regain or come up with it again ?

::Mike Chambers


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