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Re: Amazing lack of help from people who could help most!!

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Posted by shadow on January 22, 2003 at 12:27:52:

In Reply to: Re: Amazing lack of help from people who could help most!! posted by mchambers on January 22, 2003 at 11:22:33:

No,i dont believe by following the laws(and i dont agree with alot of them)is kissing up.Speaking for me,i try my best to obey the laws that are in place,because i agree with you,they can make your life miserable.It angers me that they can pick on the "little people" for something this trivial.Were not going out and getting boozed up and running down small children,pulling out an automatic weapon and killing 20-30 people,etc.In the almighty's grand scheme for the universe,me or anyone else owning a few snakes(or many)isnt going to rip a hole in the fabric of the universe!Me and friend were disussing this the other day,its the yin and yang,for everything one person is into,there are others who fight against it whatever it may be.Pet-ownership,gun collectors,historical reenacters and so on.They all have the one thing in common-those who want to put an end to your hobby/way of life.Sorry,i know im preaching to the choir.

:well....this has ben discussed before on some forums. You have the academic part of herping which doesn't believe in keeping, capturing, etc. Then you have the REAL left wing academic herpers that don't even believe in going out to collect, find or anything that doesn't have a classroom or text in thier bounds. But in most part most of the academic and or proffesionals are taking in what the herpng community is offering these days whether it's info or findings. Remember though that this can include species and habitat. Habitat may be one reasons that some people are not gettings answers on species of finding. If not habitat then it may be the species themselves ? Understand this if you will, ( I sure don't ), some herp socities and schools of herpetology will put an effort of going out with bunches of people several times a year to do just reptile counts but frown upon the individial doing the same. Would one want to go out and have multi tramping around and use various tools to collect and or find or would one want to just have a very few doing the same and some of this latter not even using tools to hunt ? I just can't see the reason that some of these trips put on by organizations are necessary year after year for the reasons of counts. I mean what does it prove ? But I would respect what they are doing never the less if they respect the same on what I'm doing on my own. As far as the wildlife organizations/agencies......there is a fine line of either kissing thier ass or working with them in giudelines of laws or just plain keeping low profiles. I myself try to keep in the lawful guidlines and make sure my butt is covered by documentation for everything that i do. One of my fellow herpers thinks that i do in fact kiss the agencies ass but i don't think that is the case. With certain powers these days, the wildlife men and woman can make your life HELL when it comes to reptiles. This is a fact ! I have been the recipient of several witch ( snake ) hunts fishing for something that I did or was involved in/with and it doesn't feel good. I've said it before, and will say it some states the wildlife agencies persues reptile people more then criminals of other offensis. At least it seems that way sometimes.







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