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Re: AHA! THERE'S THE PROBLEM, THANK YOU.....and another..

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Posted by mchambers on January 11, 2003 at 11:29:55:

In Reply to: Re: AHA! THERE'S THE PROBLEM, THANK YOU..... posted by bloomindaedalus on January 10, 2003 at 02:49:37:

while every and each customer WAS given a care sheet for just about every animal from our pet many saw this ( customer ) as an trick or trap to buy more STUFF for the animal. This is one of the feedbacks that I had encountered while in business. We had made up a general care sheet and could only recommend. This was crosse related with the recommendation of buying a books ( s ) on any particular animal. I probably would agree with some kind of policy of care sheets on animals purchased through pet stores but whom or who will this make happpy ? This is the number one problem that I have repeated before: try to sell a cage wether it is a large tank or whatever, the recommended heat and light appliances, the desired substrait and various decore for the aesthetic balance of the animal or keeper, when the customer is purchasing a $4-$10 Iguana or a $10 corn snake. Okay...I'll say again...not a bad idea for the pet store to give out some kind of care sheet on animals sold or on hand. But with the above problem, who governs the way that the potential customers has to take any of the care sheet in account ? When will it be necessary to mandate from the law makers that each and every customer will be keeping a particular animal according to the care sheet handed out wether there is a controversial topic on the keeping of such animal? ( like said on another post ). Will there be a WATCH DOG at every pet store to make sure that a care sheet is handed out ? What if a customer has a problem and says that they were never handed a care sheet ? ( when they were ) . Another restricted and invasive law in my eyes and only leaves the door open for something else .

M Chambers

:not sure to whom your message was directed but i am glad somebody has a reaction to this law

:as far as your statement about california telling its citizens they are morons and need to be told what to do i ahve two responses
: first of all you are probably right
:i am not a CA resident but i do my best to follow local political sentiment in your state. I think this notion however ids far from restricted to california. It is as old (in this country) as the hamilton- jefferson debate about the viability of "governement BY the people" as california is actually pretty conservative (the liberal states tend to have more of these restrictive laws while the conservative ones tend to be more laissez faire (its the freedom vs liberty thing)) so i think you have an entire country to be angry with if ths is the core of your isue, and while your at it be glad you don't live in new york maryland or massachusettes if you don't want to be told what to do
:the other response is simply whom do you think these peope are who are making the laws and telling you what to do as if you are a moron.
:they only way that works is if you don'ty do something about it. the representatives, though corrupt and interested in big lobbies and big business for sure, are supposed to represent the wants of the people. to claim that your nation, state, county, town etc treats you like a moron or a child is never a good argument. they only get away with it if we let them. if you feel so strongly about this issue then go make some noise about it!
:ther eis no reason why the herp industry cn';t have astrong lobby (its a billion dollar business now right? and still growing despite "their" laws)
: i again stress that this action needs to be taken soon before precedents are set and standards are determined and some other groups take the reigns to legislate the industry in a direction that favors them
:we have no excuse or right to complain later about what happened now if we were too pathetic to get organized about it when it was necessary.

:and you are not the only one with customers

:you make a good point that there ar emany subtle issues and unanswered questions but this is endemic to nearly every issue covered by law (save a few more easily claimed binary oppositions)
:if the care sheets are flexible, include the disclaimer that research is ungoing and not everything is known and ARE WRITTEN BY ORGANIZATIONS WHICH ARE WILLING TO BACK THEIR STATEMENTS with what little research is available )i'm thinking of a large colation of he many small groups which already exist)
:then perhaps we could set the precedent that only those who did not attempt to provide care info could be sued and other would not be liable
:what do you think?

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