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Posted by Lyle on January 11, 2003 at 03:34:24:

In Reply to: Um sorry, but pet stores should give baisc care info. posted by Mario-GN on January 10, 2003 at 11:46:55:

"I just got done reading all the replies. I must say, Lyle, you really seem out their."

I get that a lot.

"Iím sorry you donít agree with who should be responsible for providing the information to care for your customers petís and considering them stupid people."

You mean you're sorry I don't agree with you on who should be responsible? Just FYI, I don't work at a pet store, so they aren't my customers.

"So whoís responsibility is it to educate them? Mine? No, but he sellers."

Here's a concept, why don't we hold people responsible for their own actions instead of blaming everyone else for "letting" them do something stupid?

"A pet isnít some toy that can sit on the self, or a pair of new mittens. Itís a living creature. Something that depends on the caretaker to provide it with proper husbandry. Now obviously the keeper isnít going to magically know how to care for the animal, but does need someone to show or tell them how."

I don't know about you, but I'm perfectly capable of seeking out information when I need it. It's nobody's fault but my own if I make the wrong decision out of ignorance.

"People do not realize what is involved in the care of these animals. They are simply looking for a pet. People that are too busy to find information elsewhere."

Too busy or too lazy? I work about fifty hours a week but I can still find the time to stop at the library or the book store on my way home, or go online to read up on any potential purchase I might be making.

"What if you had to give up your family dog you loved and cared for for 7 years? Would you simply give it away to someone without saying a word on how to care for it or seeing if the person knew how to care for it? No you wouldnít. Atleast I hope you wouldnít. Why, because you care about the dog. But what about that lizard, snake, or dog in the pet store you sell to someone. Why should that be any different."

Of course I would make sure that the person I was giving my dog to knew how to take care of her, just as I would make sure that my customers knew how to take care of the animals they were buying if I worked at a pet store. But this law doesn't allow pet store employees to use their own reasoning power to handle each situation. It simply requires them to hand out a pamphlet (which may or may not contain correct information, considering how often our understanding of each species changes) to every customer. I don't care much for this feel-good legislation that does little actual good in the end.

"You do want the animal to live donít you? OR are you just after the bottom line, the profit? Do you just want the pet to die so they can come back and buy a replacement in a month or two? That sounds like greed to me."

Wow, it's almost like you're having a conversation with yourself.

"As far as products not having care sheets, your right. Productís generally do not have care requirements. Products do not die in pain."

No, but people can if they prepare certain foods the wrong way.

"But products do have directions, instructions, and warnings."

I don't remember getting a pamphlet explaining the dangers of improper food storage and handling when I picked up a bag of sliced deli meat today. If the grocery store doesn't take responsibility for educating me, who will?

"Animals donít. So itís the responsibility of the owner. So if you donít think itís the sellers responsibility, whoís is it?"

The owner's.

"Someoneís got to inform them."

Can't help those who are too stupid or lazy to help themselves.

"Itís not anyone elseís responsibility unless they are involved with the animal in some way. Well the only person generally involved is the pet store."

And, of course, the buyer.

"So itís your responsibility. Not anyone elseís."

By "your" you mean the pet store, right? Personally, I think too highly of myself to consider it to be someone else's responsibility to educate me.

"You should be thankful there are people like me providing informational sites to educate people on how to care for their pet because the pet store doesnít take the time or responsibility to do so."

That's a pretty broad statement. Many pet stores educate their customers quite well.

"This is costís me time and money. And youíre the one making the money selling the animal."

Just out of curiosity, what did I say that led you to believe I work at a pet store?

"If the pet stores selling an animal, they should know how to care for that animal. After all, they have to care for it until it sells."

And many pet stores do a good job at caring for their animals.

"But no, after reading your postís, it wouldnít surprise me if your like most pet stores and just throughout the dead ones and not worry about the care of that animal until it sells, just so you can make a profit. At all costís. Thatís what supplies are for."

That's pretty funny. I love the way you made this assumption about me to try to justify your feelings toward my posts. After all, what could a heartless person who cares only about money know? Why don't you do me a favor and quote me on whatever I said that led you to make such a statement. Or are you like most of the herpers I've debated with, simply launching a personal attack because you don't like what I have to say?

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