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The cost of passion or the cost of breaking the law?

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Posted by tj on October 22, 2002 at 07:32:36:

In Reply to: THE COST OF PASSION posted by jamina on October 22, 2002 at 02:11:42:

Here's an idea....don't buy illegal exotics. It seems it's your judgement that's a little off, the vendors didn't make you buy anything. As for suicide over snakes, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. No offense, you still have a computer and a roof over your head, and some money in the bank, it doesn't sound like your life was ruined THAT bad.


:Here I am today to tell you that my life has been ruined by exotic pets. Particularly snakes. Corn snakes to be more elaborate. This year I have lost many thousands of dollars (possibly more than ten thousand) all due to recieving one telephone call in February which tempted me into buying illegal exotics. Of course, I do not have the exotics they are GONE...And the money is...GONE. After paying thousands of dollars for...yep, hear it, corn snakes, and then giving them away has left me rather heartbroken and so much worse off. I can thank God that I'm not in debt or I probably wouldn't be here posting this message to you guys; I'd probably be dead. I am broke, I have a bit of money saved aside for emergencies and I am going to get a little miniature Dachshund for a pet, it's the only thing that I am going to find solace in.

:That phone call was very successful in tempting me into going into a corn snake "shopping spree" where the illegal vendors were charging exorbitant prices for their gear. That same call may have lead to suicide had it not been for my father calling me at just the right time a few weeks ago.

:Seriously I've had a gutful of the whole thing. I am seriously believing that this whole situation will crack at the knees because these passionate reptile lovers like me will turn on the corrupt authorities and bring about some sort of amnesty or some sort of system where people can do things within the law.

:These vendors lure you into the snakes and they know you love them and they know you want them but can't legally have them. They entice you and try to hook you. Sometimes their efforts have been in vain but they will continue to do so because they know there is a little sucker somewhere who will give them their money and they'll get what they were looking for. Do they care about the animals? Maybe. What about the money? For sure. Do they care about the people who buy their illegal wares? I doubt it and that's where they need to learn. I can find solace in ensuring that people do NOT buy their illegal animals and that people avoid these jerks because they are going to prey on people who they KNOW are vulnerable. They knew I loved corn snakes and they knew I had just gotten out of them last year so this year they thought they would try me again, and it worked, for them IT WORKED. For me it ruined my life and is driving me to near suicide - thank God we don't have easy access to guns here in Australia for if that were not the case I wouldn't be speaking on these forums.

:I hope that the politicians and heartless bureaucrats change their attitudes to reptiles and have more understanding towards us. Perhaps there would be less suicides in the community and perhaps I wouldn't have lost $10,000+ this year! - there are a lot more than just me who are into snakes, there are probably thousands and almost all of them are disenchanted and their lives in ruins.

:Regards and sorrows,

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