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let's get some thoughts going on this...

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Posted by bobl on April 25, 2003 at 14:13:10:

In Reply to: let's get some thoughts going on this... posted by dan felice on April 25, 2003 at 13:49:54:

::I know we have all agreed (for the most part) that it is always best to house Dry’s separately. I also know there are a few of us (dannio is one I know for sure) who had good luck housing more than one together.

::I’m very big on LARGE cages for my adult Dry’s. I use 6’-7’ cages for all my adults. After getting in a couple new adults recently, I temporarily decided to put 2 large adult females (these are yellowtails, FYI) together in one of the large cages until I found time to build a new cage. These snakes are very similar in size I have been separating them to feed. (one stays in the cage and the other gets put into a clean trash can to feed). They have been doing just fine, and neither has ever shown any aggression toward the other…honestly they don’t even seem to notice the other is there.

::Now…considering the SPACE requirements of these large cages, this situation couldn’t help but start the wheels turning just a bit here.

::I’m starting to think. MAYBE…if they are:

::- Adult snakes that are VERY close to the same size
::- Both females
::- Good feeders and not too prone to nerves

::…That they may be ok to house 2 snakes together long term if the cage is very spacious.

::I could certainly maintain a larger group of females in less space this way while still providing a lot of room for the snakes. They really don’t seem to mind one another. I just hope I’m not asking for trouble one day if one decides it’s very hungry.

::FYI…I’d NEVER consider or recommend even TRYING TEMPORARILY housing multiple males, mixed sexes (except during breeding), or snakes if dissimilar size…you are just asking for big trouble there. I would never try it with juvies either just because they are so nervous…

::Is anyone else doing this?
::Thoughts everyone ??

:dean, you hit every nail right on the head. given enough space, it can be done. i even feed them together w/ no problems. it helps [alot] if the animals are established and well fed. i never keep hatchlings or youngsters together though, just adults of similar size and have never had a problem. i watch until all food is gone however just to be sure. i've noticed that if one is in the middle of a meal, others avoid close contact w/ that particular snake as if they know better. later, they all return to the hide as one big family once again. i used to use multiple hides but found it was a waste of time as they tend to stay together as a group under one. this method really does free up valuable cage space and their interaction is interesting to watch. i used to house males together and they were fine......until september. then all hell broke loose. i still cage separate sexes together though w/ only one male per cage now and have no complaints.

I always thought that housing any Dry regardless of sex would result in cannibalism until I got to talking with Dan Felice.
Using his ideas I now keep trios (1.2) and pairs (1.1 and 0.2) of similar sized snakes together, never more than one male per enclosure. I always find them in the same hide box even though I provide 2 per enclosure. I also follow the same feeding procedures as Dan.
All of my babies and juvies are housed individually.
I think as long as they are well fed and have spacious enclosures there shouldn't be any problems.
Now I am talking about w.c. YT's being housed together that haven't eaten each other yet, one of which ate two large Tiger Rat Snakes while at the dealers shop.
If these snakes I have didn't eat each other by now I think they'll be fine. Knock on wood!
I find that my Kingsnakes are much more willing to eat another snake than my Cribos. If I hold two Kingsnakes in front of each other or if they see each other through the enclosures they react like Siamese Fighting fish!


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