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Ahh!! The enthusiasm of the young!! N/P CG

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Posted by dryguy on February 06, 2003 at 13:03:19:

In Reply to: Keep 'em coming...--OK...LONG...atleast read last idea(#5) posted by lynex17 on February 06, 2003 at 01:49:02:

:while i have been at this computer today for over 10 hours trying to get this paper written, i have also been throwing ideas around in the back of my head. i'll number them so it's a little easier to read....(the side note isn't an idea, you can skip it if you're in a hurry [thats why i called it a 'side note']) make sure you read the idea after it though....

:1.the booth idea. we need to set up a booth at any rep/herp show that our members attend. This would help to spread the word on what we're doing. We could include a signup sheet for new members (send them info and they could send back the signed statement or however we work that out). a new pamphlet written up for every show(i'm thinking like one page front/back. nothing long, just some info on who's getting money and what they're doing with it. this could also be sent out to members. oh yeah, and have on hand some of those packets for anyone else interested in starting a group, but maybe not as some peoples' "eyes are bigger than their stomachs"--well you get the point. 10% really enough? just a thought. 15% sounds a lot nicer, that 5 makes it look a lot bigger....

:3.accept donations. (could also go along with the booth idea)

:4.treasurer. we are starting this from scratch right? we need someone everyone can trust to handle money. This person would then open an account with our groups name to which checks could be made out to. I will be first to admit--it shouldn't be me. when it came time to send our money to the people/s we were sending it to we would have to send them all the snakes i bought with it.

:***side note***
:i came up with a great idea to save money;like, for the individual. for me, it's real hard. most of the time when i can afford it and too many times when i can't i find myself buying another snake, or snake book or the like. so here's my idea. instead of putting my money in the bank, i'll buy snakes. then when insurance or any other bill is due, i'll sell my snake ahead of time and get the money back. i see it as an investment. i get experience with more snakes and get my bills paid. so far i haven't been able to sell any though (i havne't tried). i find it's easier to get another credit card. anyone else out there who has actually read this far into this post and is actually considering this whole investment thing, keep in minde that you do eventually and continually have to pay off the credit cards. oh yeah, and you're taking advice from a 19 year old.

:5.This could be my contribution in getting this thing rolling. if anyone has any ideas they think are worth considering, email them to me to at my email address at the bottom of this. also you can include a mailing address, or just the mailing address w/o idea. i'll try to put together some ideas, get them on paper and mail them around to everybody. i can print out papers at school for free, and the postage will be my first donation. i opened a new email account just for this group
:email to Travis:

:PS: If nobody opposes i wouldn't mind writing some of the pamphlets to get word out about our group. I'm not exactly what to write so yall can send some of what you feel should be included to me as well. maybe i'll just write one up and post it to see what you all think...i know a lot of my ideas are aimed towards the future (we still need a name for gosh snakes--[i wonder if that made anyone else laugh out loud?])so let's hurry up and get started. i hope i don't sound crazy to everybody out there thinking i'm jumpin' the gun.

:Travis Hudson

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