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Re: like i said...

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Posted by Kingmilk on February 07, 2003 at 00:35:35:

In Reply to: like i said... posted by Ike420 on February 06, 2003 at 12:41:17:

The whole subject of anti-hybrids is just a knee-jerk reaction to a belief system which is based on beliefs rather than realities. It is so humorous to me how all these anit-hybridists have all these scary stories and horrific postulations, yet none of them can give any proof, and have to revert to examples of PURE introductions to try to prove their faulty, all too much like a religion, belief systems. I think they should give it up. The more I see all this the more I am convinced hybrids are for me. I have recently fed off all my male pituophis to my kingsnakes and plan to only breed female pits to multi-mutational cornsnakes. I also am praying daily for the first drymarchon hybrids, and on that subject, I believe the route to producing the drymarchon hybrids is to make intergrades amongst various species/subspecies of drymarchons, then these should be taken over other large colubrids, of which spilotes may be a good start, or large pits or very large lampropeltis, with the intergrade/hybrid drymarchon being the smaller partner.
I so look forward to the future of domestication in snakes. I only work with domestics and I am so excited and feel so privileged to be alive at the beginning of the domestication process in snakes. I think in my old age we will have true breeding, homozygous strains of domestic snakes which have nothing to do with wild snakes, and I get very excited to think that if it weren't for the rabid anti-hybridists, I would have never had any interest or desire to participate in this new frontier. I want to express my sincerest thanks to all anti-hybridists, and let them all know that I have them to thank for my interest and adventures in hybrids. Thanks! ;-)

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