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No you do not...

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Posted by HerpHobbiest on January 03, 2003 at 02:05:07:

In Reply to: I see your point but... posted by Yasser on January 03, 2003 at 00:16:41:


I am looking to make this Hybrid because I am looking for a specific result. I am expecting more color than bci could ever offer. That is the point of making a this Hybrid. I can not get the color I am looking for from pure Bci.

Now, you mention Argentine Hybrids, that is interesting, I have though of an Anerythristic Bci X Argentine Bco. The expected outcome would be a very dark Anerythristic Boa.

Whose idea was of a light Anery Boa anyway??? What a dumb idea... What, they wanted to show all the yellow the Anery Gene does not take away???

Personally, I do not get it!!!

Yasser Quote: I just think that if a hybrid is going to be done, it should be a small feat and not one that can pretty much be expected.

What are you talking about??? When some one decides to make a Hybrid they are not just crossing two snakes and expect the unexpected.

That would be pointles and very dumb. You do not just put to snake species togeder to design who knows what it will be...

Come on now!!! Tell me, what is the point of creating a Hybrid with a look that can not be reproduced time after time, year after year???

Ask yourself what is the porpose of this hybrid project???

Ok, so you may get some money!!! Big deal... That money is not going to last what the Genetic trend that was started will last.

No wonder why a lot of people hate Hybrids...

It is like with dogs... All breeds of dogs came out of crosses. No breed was un-expected they were all created ans specifficly designed.

Alaskan malamutes were designed for tolerating Cold wheather and endurance for sled travel on snow... Blood Hounds were designed for tracking and hunting... Pit Bull Terriers were designed for strenght and agility AKA "Dog Fighting"... Poodles were designed for looks and companion.

I do not mean to offend you by my comments either.

But, I feel very strongly that people should know what the hell they are doing before they start something they do not know... And have somewhat of a reasonable motive behind it.

My two cents... and two more cents.

The Herp Hobbiest

:...couldn't you do the same thing with pure Colombians?
:You would just need to find the right Colombian with the right traits that are simlar to true redtails.
:In all honesty, Argentine hybrids would make for more interesting and colorful morphs. Maybe another extreme....Hog Island hybrids... Hmmm...
:I just think that if a hybrid is going to be done, it should be a small feat and not one that can pretty much be expected.
:In my opinion, there are much nicer outcomes of hybridizations with species only distantly related. Crossing Boa species just doen't make enough of a jump from the family tree for me.
:It's like Black Blood x Borneo Bloods. What's the point of that one?
:In any case, I respect that you are able to do what you will, exactly what I expect from others. I mean no offense in any of my comments. I am not a hybrid hater...I am merely not a fan of those barely-a-hybrids. Again, it is just my opinion, my 2 pennies.


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