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Re: I don't mean to sound rude, but...

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Posted by bazmonkey on December 03, 2002 at 19:02:42:

In Reply to: I don't mean to sound rude, but... posted by Kat on December 03, 2002 at 17:59:03:

...but you were rude.

Yes, I have more than one of a snake species. No, I have not bred, I've only witnessed matings/hatchings at my friend Josh's house.

Yes, I'm giving names because I think in the back of your mind you're wondering how much of this I must've made up, and maybe names will dissuade that erroneous notion.

Yes, I KNOW that artificial insemination takes a considerable amount of sperm. The vast majority of sperm exposed to air dies rather quickly. Insemination with anything other than a male sex organ in any animal takes a large amount of sperm; it's just not a natural way to introduce it. Seeing as how even insemination via normal courtship in any animal doesn't always work (yes, I've witnessed matings that didn't result in viable eggs), and seeing as how it would take ounces of air-exposed sperm inserted artificially to have a reasonable probability of working (just as with humans or any other animal; sperm just isn't meant to be exposed), with multiple tries, and seeing as how I KNOW that a snake doesn't produce ounces of sperm per mate, I made that comment.

Even if you collected leftover sperm from multiple mates, it would take a lot of work to keep those sperm alive, hence the comment about needing chemicals to nourish the sperm.

I don't want to draw this out over 8-9 posts, but that comment was made with knowledge of what I was talking about.

I know you didn't mean to sound rude, but there were much less insulting ways to say what you did. It doesn't take actual breeding experience to make that comment (or two snakes of the same species, that was just offensive). A book could have taught someone enough to make that comment.

And please don't tell me I don't know about artificial insemination. My sister, Gina, was born that way.

Please. Sometimes we "newbie non-elite under-5-snake-owning wannabie breeders" make reasonable comments.

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