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Pics of my new Horned Lizards...

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Posted by Lyn on May 25, 2002 at 16:25:42:

Guess not too many people have these little guys. I'm used to the Corn/Beardie/Leopard Gecko forums that have a gazillion posts a day :-)
I read in someones post that people shouldn't get them as pets, but I don't see why not. Mine are pets, being both males I have no designs on breeding. They are a nice size, very friendly. The ants were no harder to order online than the crickets, mealies, rats, or chicks that I usually order. I live in NY and we don't have any local lizards, so they all seem exotic and awesome to me. I guess if you had them in your back yard out west, they wouldnt't seem as exciting. I was told these were Desert Horned Lizards. Please let me know if this is correct. A company out west catches them and ships them to my pet store once a year along with collards, desert Iguanas, and Leopard Lizards. Might have been Desert Lizards, or a similar sounding company. This year they shipped a few little babies too. I might break down and pick one up next week. They were awfully cute but showed no interest in the crickets. I'm worried what will happen if they go to a home where they won't buy ants. Well, enough chit chat, here are my little sweeties...

This is Godzilla, he is the redder of the two. At the store he was the best eater, was running around grabbing crickets left and right. There was one much redder but it didn't eat, so I picked this one.

Here is Godzilla peaking out from behind the driftwood. Not sure if there would be driftwood in a desert, but they seem to like laying on it to bask.

This guy doesn't have a name yet. He was one of the prettiest ones they had. He was not so good at cricket catching, but was trying his best. Hopefully he'll be better at catching the ants.

I just love their patterns. They are very good at burying themselves under the sand. Scared me the first time, I thought they got out somehow.

Here they are together...

They are such different colors. Do you think they came from different areas?

Hope you liked the pics. Are there any good care sheets out there that I should be reading? I was told high daytime heat from above (heat lamp) and below (UTH) 80s ambient, 100+ basking, I am using play sand substrate, I currently have a 20 long but can move up if they need more room than that, main diet Harvester Ants, was told they could have crickets too, but that they don't need the crickets. Someone said they fed Terminites (sp?) but I didn't find any on any of the feeder sites. Is there anything else they'd like for variety or are they happy w/ just the ants? I am concerned over water. Will they drink from their bowl or should I mist them? My beardies haven't figured out their bowls yet. I mist them or let them lick water drops from my finger tips. They like the finger drops better than the misting. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I'd rather be told and correct it early. Thanks!

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