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Re: My New Red Western

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Posted by The Doc on January 09, 2003 at 07:09:37:

In Reply to: Re: My New Red Western posted by rudedogsurfrat on January 07, 2003 at 22:31:46:

Oh yeah!
We got a "red phased" Dusty Hognose from Richard 6 months ago.(And we love him!!!)
Get a "Rubbermaid" shoebox type container to feed him in. VENTILATE the container. After he eats put him back in his "habitat". We had problems with getting ours to eat at first, until Richard told us how he fed his snakes... and now it's worked everytime!
"Dusty" always eats 2 f/t pinkies while we clean his cage. (Once a week) AND make sure he always has plenty of fresh water, these guys drink water, even though you may never see them do it!
We use aspen substrate on half of the cage, with a couple of sharp rocks,(for shedding), all on top of indoor/outdoor carpet, with an under the tank heater. Make sure he has a hide on both ends. We change the aspen once a month. These guys don't shed much, so don't worry if he doesn't shed like a normal snake would. In the time we have had Dusty, he's only shed ONCE! He has been hiding for the past week, so we figure he's going to shed again. Enjoy your "HOGGIE" they are such great "bluff artists" and a joy to have... (You will find out soon enough!!!)

Best wishes for you and your new Friend!

The Doc and Jan (TDL)

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