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Another GTP question

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Posted by jungledancer on April 29, 2003 at 19:43:43:

In Reply to: Another GTP question posted by novasteve67 on April 29, 2003 at 01:40:54:

Having a gtp for me is like having the ultimate reptile. I keep mine in natural vivaria in vision 222's and there is just not a prettier picture when they're in the classic pose. My adult male is quite active and my sub-adult girl is curious about a lot of things too. We have them directly to the right of our tv stacked on top of each other and do see them move a lot. Both enjoy frequent drinks from their bodies after misting them with fine spray. They are proudly displayed and it is a pleasure to show others that this is not rocket science, normal folks can keep these guys too with a little knowlege.

My older male, 5+, is a real sweetie and doesn't mind being handled at all. When I first got him he had bad shed problems and he tagged me a couple of times in the process of getting him moved over here. All I did was correct his environment and he soon seemed to know that all was now good. Hasn't tried once since the first night. I take him out on the town with me to appropriate places, like the pet stores..... oh and how I love to do that, people love seeing him and aren't nearly as intimidated sometimes as they are from the larger species...... and it's just really cool how the entire eating process is done in his tree. Each one is different, my youngster is quite different and really seems to play the princess role. I have to be much more careful about each and every little movement around her, but, if I am she will not strike. Also... the color variations!! How can it get much better. Hope I got that question right now! LOL good luck JD

::Ok, what exactly is it like to have a GTP? I mean, they look amazing, but are they easy to handle? I always see pics of them wrapped around a stick, is that because they do not like to be handled or because they look so nice wrapped up ,like that? Are they calm? cranky? relatively easy to care for? I have a ball and a burmese currently and they are great, now i am ready to move up in the snake world. Are there alot of similarities between balls, burmese and GTPs? Such as housing, personality, handling, etc? Thank you for any advice.

:Hey Matt,
:GTP's or Chondro's as they're sometimes reffered to are extremely variable some are as calm as a ball python while other can't get close to at all. Generally they are somewhere in between. As a general rule Biak type are more agressive than other types with aru types usually being the most calm. I would reccomend researching alot about the habits and requirements of a gtp before aquiring one I highly recommend and also check out Greg Maxwell's site. He is one of the top gtp breeders in the U.S. and has tons of information on Gtps. Btw my lereh type Gtp who is around 6 months of age does'nt mind being handled as long as I get her out with a snake hook first "VERY gently as when they're under a year old they have very delicate spines and pulling them can cause irreversable damge that won't show up until they are older" Definetly check out chondro web there are alot of experts that frequent that site that can answer any question you can think of.
:Good Luck,

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