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In more grim perspective.....

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Posted by jungledancer on April 29, 2003 at 00:29:33:

In Reply to: In more grim perspective..... posted by johnv on April 28, 2003 at 20:27:41:

: Its not like we screamed at them for fun jungledancer. ........ It wasnt about yelling, or letting out anger; it was about helping a poor tree python you weirdo. Zazanak said it better than I could, so read his post again.

Yes, Zasanak did pretty well. I totally agree 150% that the condition of the gtp should have been addressed. It would have been a crime to turn ones back and ignore a bad situation. My problem is only with the way it was handled. Yelling?! You said you told owner several times? Several times over how long a period of time? And they didn't do anything? Then why in the heck didn't you report them to animal control instead of yelling at the owners. More would have probably been accomplished for the gtp..... AND the other animals under their care in the store. If they were so bad with the care of one, perhaps you did a disservice by not protecting the welfare of the others. At least if they get a visit from AC they'll certainly make some sort of effort to clean up their act. I have never met a pet store owner, and I've met at least hundreds.... that thought they were going to get rich..... they started their stores because they hoped they could earn a living doing something they loved. They are human, they make mistakes. They can be educated and they sure as hell don't want to lose the money they invested in that gtp.

FYI, I no longer work animal control, but still work rehab and rescue for wild, exotic and domestic animals. I've seen a lot of young people with a lot of emotion to express and it's too often expressed in a negative way that winds up hurting others and sadly themselves too. I just know that there's another way to get the job done.... ie, help the gtp and was hoping that this young person with a lot of passion for the critters would see the gentle side of taking on a problem. Sorry if I offended anyone, it's never my intention. Rather to inform and educate.

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