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Emerald Swift Caresheets???

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Posted by cheyenness on April 30, 2003 at 13:54:29:

In Reply to: Emerald Swift Caresheets??? posted by sasheena on April 27, 2003 at 10:13:50:

Here is a little info.... hope it helps..

Stenocercus Sp., Sceloporus Spp., Microlophus Sp., Ophryoessoides Sp.

Swifts are active and interesting reptiles and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Due to their manageable size and personality, these lizards are highly desired as children's pets.
Swifts range in length from 6" to 12".
Swifts do well on a diet consisting of a variety of vitamin/calcium dusted insects such as crickets, mealworms and waxworms. Adult swifts should be fed 3-4 times per week, some juveniles can be fed twice daily during their growing period.
Some swifts have been known to gorge when fed. Therefore, it is important to observe food intake carefully.
A shallow water bowl should be provided and changed daily. Misting the enclosure regularly will help to maintain the humidity level.
Since swifts are active in their native habitats, successful permanent maintenance requires at least a 30 gallon terrarium. A screen lid is essential for proper air exchange. The enclosure must include a high basking area with several climbing branches, a suitable hiding area (preferably made of rocks), and a "cool" area to allow for thermoregulation. Artificial and natural plants also help to create a natural look. Some swifts of comparable size can be maintained together.
Ideal daytime temperature for swifts should range between 78 and 87 degrees. Additionally, a basking lamp should be used on one end of the enclosure to maintain a local temperature of 95-105 degrees. Nighttime temperature should remain between 65 and 75 degrees. The humidity for swifts should be kept at or near 50-75 percent.
It is important to remember that the midnight swift's temperature requirements differ from the other swifts. Midnight swifts live at higher altitudes than the other swifts. For that reason, keep their temperature range between 73-82 degrees with a basking area of 90-100 degrees.
All other swifts (emerald, pink belly, and red-eye) should be kept at the temperatures listed above.
All swifts require ultraviolet lighting to maintain good health. Ultraviolet lighting is recommended for 12 hours per day. The use of a timer will assist in maintaining an accurate schedule of light periods.

NOT an expert, but this is what I have found

:Hi everyone. My husband just purchased a male and female emerald swift and wants to know how to care for them properly. He has always loved the way they look, and has forever regretted not buying some babies that he saw once when we were on a road trip. Since two out of three of his pet lizards (a breeding pair of anoles and a tree lizard, all sharing one cage amicably for over a year), he was finally tempted to buy the emerald swifts. We've moved the remaining male anole to another cage and sterilized and prepped the 20g Tall aquarium that they were in for the emeralds. But we want to make sure they receive the proper care. I might also add that we are in Arizona. :)


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