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Re: Large Lizard QUESTION

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Posted by Tenor Goddess on February 04, 2003 at 23:01:21:

In Reply to: Large Lizard QUESTION posted by georgio on January 31, 2003 at 16:46:50:

If you are wanting a large lizard than I would say either the argentine reds or blk/white tegus (as long as they are argentine). If it is a monitor you are after, then go for a black throat not a savannah. Savannahs are very shy monitors and although many will tell you of their reputation as becoming "dog tame" this is to the savannahs disadvantage. If you want "dog tame" go for the ionides.
Rhino vs Green Iguanas: I've heard some things about Rhinos making good pets however, in my 10 years experience with Iguanas (Giant Green Iguanas in particular), they are most certainly the highest maintenence lizards around period. :/
With ANY reptile you ever get, you are never guaranteed to be able to "tame" it. Please don't take this next comment as cocky or brash...but I find it hard to use the word "tame" with any reptile since no reptile is a domesticated animal like our dogs and cats. No matter how calm natured and sweet a reptile may appear to be, they can without outward apparent cause or reason known to us, lash out with instincts or something we missed that upset them. They retain ALL of their natural/wild instincts and no matter what reptile you get, always read up on how they behave in the wild, what they are capable of damage wise so you can get what's best for you to handle should the occasion rise ya know? I've had some iguanas that for years for so calm natured, never bitten anyone or tail whipped, not so much as a hiss out of them...then when rutting season hit and something provoked one of them on the tv...boom! I came 2 inches from a 3 1/2 ft tail lashing me. It was scary as hell.
Point being, I would say go for the tegus either argentine blk/white or reds, ionides or even if you want real big (be prepared for how big!) you could go water monitor.
Check out the care sheets for Ionides at Pro Exotics website.
Hope this helped!

Amanda & the Menagerie -
Bringing Animals, People and Education, Under One Roof

:I am contemplating adding a large lizard to my small collection of Herps and wondered what peoples experiences have been with them. I am leaning towards an Argentine Black and White Tegu. I was just wondering if anyone could share their experiences with large lizards especially Green/Rhino Iguanas, Savannah/Ionides Monitors and Tegus. I am looking for a tamable large lizard that I can interact with.

:PS: My Beardie Pumpkin says hi.

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