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Re: set up suggestions.... long

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Posted by isleofskye on March 28, 2003 at 06:08:55:

In Reply to: set up suggestions.... long posted by desertgecko on March 27, 2003 at 17:36:55:

:firstly, you are not to blame for your sick gecko. secondly, if theres a problem with the set up, your baby will become stressed and show those symptoms. this can be solved and your gecko will be fine with time. but if its got a parasite or has become impacted then only a vet can treat this.

:as someone mentioned, sand should not be used as a substrate for babies because they are more likely to eat it. if your gecko has eaten some and is impacted with it, then you must take it to a vet or else it will die. theres nothing you can do at that stage. for now i suggest you take him off the sand and replace it with kitchen towel or newspaper. the heatmat at one end is fine, though what is the temperature? too hot or too cold will cause stress. an average of 85 - 88F is fine. as someone else mentioned, you don't need a UV light as leos are nocturnal and won't benefit from it. just a basic, ordinary bulb will do. place this over the middle of the tank, but nearer the warmer end if you can. this will provide a cool and hot (basking) areas for your gecko to regulate its body temp at will. some people use a red or black light, but its up to you. both will work just as good. make sure the temperature under the light doesn't get above 88F.

:when you mention a "hidebox", do you just mean places to hide? leos do need places to retreat to, they will become very stressed if they are out in the open 24/7. if you have already placed logs and rocks in the tank, make sure there is at least one each end of the tank. many people say you must have a "humid hidebox". this is a place for geckos to use to help with their shedding. i don't use one because my leos never used the ones i had. always have a shallow dish of fresh water each day.

:other then that your set up should be fine. just make sure the temperature stays stable. you may turn out the light at night to stimulate day and night for your gecko, but don't turn off your heatmat. there must be a constant heat source at all times.

:as with feeding... it depends really on what is wrong. i know thats not really a help, but thats all we can go on. when one of my leos went off her food and lost a lot of weight, i tried everything to encourage her. in the end it failed and she became too weak... :( but i never gave up. and nor should you. i tried butchering a pinkie mouse so she could like the blood, which worked at one point. your baby won't be able to eat a pinkie, but you can still mash one up for it. small waxworms may also work, though these things are addictive. some people on these forums make up "bug juices", which are just insects in a blender :) try these and hopefully your little one will pick up. if not, you must take it to a vet.



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