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Re: I thought it might be interesting

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Posted by chrish on March 30, 2003 at 23:51:58:

In Reply to: I thought it might be interesting posted by draybar on March 30, 2003 at 10:09:38:

Here is my list (cut and pasted from Avisys) -
There is some hands off stuff here (marked SO - seen only)

All Dates ~ All Places ~ 358 seen
Eastern Lesser Siren
Western Lesser Siren
Greater Siren
Central Newt
Sierra Newt
Dwarf Waterdog
Two-toed Amphiuma
Three-toed Amphiuma (S0)
Spotted Salamander
Marbled Salamander
Mole Salamander
Small-mouthed Salamander
Barred Tiger Salamander
Eastern Tiger Salamander
California Slender Salamander
Southern Dusky Salamander
Alleghany Mountain Dusky Salamander
Black-bellied Salamander
Oregon Ensatina
Sierra Nevada Ensatina
Northern Two-lined Salamander
Three-lined Salamander
Texas Salamander
Dwarf Salamander
Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander
Western Slimy Salamander
Ozark Salamander
Northern Slimy Salamander
Southeastern Slimy Salamander
Jordan's Salamander
Southern Red-backed Salamander
Yonahlossee Salamander
Gulf Coast Mud Salamander
Northern Red Salamander
Couch's Spadefoot
Eastern Spadefoot
Plains Spadefoot
New Mexico Spadefoot
Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Plains Leopard Frog
American Bullfrog
Bronze Frog
Pig Frog
River Frog
Southern Leopard Frog
Carpenter Frog
Lowland Leopard Frog
Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad
Great Plains Narrow-mouthed Toad
Sheep Frog
Colorado River Toad
Eastern American Toad
California Toad
Great Plains Toad
Eastern Green Toad
Western Green Toad
Fowler's Toad
Cane Toad
Gulf Coast Toad
Red-spotted Toad
Oak Toad
Sonoran Green Toad
Texas Toad
Southern Toad
Southwestern Woodhouse's Toad
Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Florida Cricket Frog
Canyon Treefrog
Western Bird-voiced Treefrog
Cope's Gray Treefrog
Green Treefrog
Mountain Treefrog
Pine Woods Treefrog
Barking Treefrog
Squirrel Treefrog
Gray Treefrog
Cuban Treefrog*
California Treefrog
Spotted Chorus Frog
Southern Spring Peeper
Boreal Chorus Frog
Ornate Chorus Frog
Western Chorus Frog
Lowland Burrowing Treefrog
Mexican Treefrog
Western Barking Frog
Balcones Barking Frog
Rio Grande Chirping Frog
Cliff Chirping Frog
Greenhouse Frog*
Mexican White-lipped Frog
African Clawed Frog*
Eastern Snapping Turtle
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Striped Mud Turtle
Yellow Mud Turtle
Mississippi Mud Turtle
Eastern Mud Turtle
Loggerhead Musk Turtle
Eastern Painted Turtle
Spotted Turtle
Southern Pacific Pond Turtle
Western Chicken Turtle (S0)
Eastern Chicken Turtle
Mississippi Map Turtle
Texas Map Turtle
Carolina Diamond-backed Terrapin
Eastern River Cooter
Coastal Plain Cooter
Rio Grande Cooter
Florida Red-bellied Cooter
Texas River Cooter
Florida Box Turtle
Eastern Box Turtle
Three-toed Box Turtle
Desert Box Turtle
Red-eared Slider
Yellow-bellied Slider
Desert Tortoise
Berlandier's Tortoise
Gopher Tortoise
Loggerhead Seaturtle
Kemp's Ridley Seaturtle
Guadalupe Spiny Softshell
Pallid Spiny Softshell
American Alligator
American Crocodile (S0)
Texas Banded Gecko
Tucson Banded Gecko
Desert Banded Gecko
Mediterranean Gecko*
Northern Green Anole
Brown Anole*
Eastern Zebra-tailed Lizard
Chihuahuan Greater Earless Lizard
Texas Greater Earless Lizard
Great Basin Collared Lizard
Eastern Collared Lizard
Reticulate Collared Lizard
Northern Desert Iguana (S0)
Long-nosed Leopard Lizard
Northern Spot-tailed Earless Lizard
Bleached Earless Lizard
Northern Keeled Earless Lizard
Common Green Iguana*
Mearn's Rock Lizard
Texas Horned Lizard
Hernandez's Short-horned Lizard
Round-tailed Horned Lizard
Southern Desert Horned Lizard
Regal Horned Lizard
Common Chuckwalla
Dunes Sagebrush Lizard
Sonoran Spiny Lizard
Blue Spiny Lizard
Western Sagebrush Lizard
Mesquite Lizard
Yarrow's Spiny Lizard
Twin-spotted Spiny Lizard
Big Bend Canyon Lizard
Presidio Canyon Lizard
Merriam's Canyon Lizard
Coast Range Fence Lizard
Texas Spiny Lizard
Granite Spiny Lizard
Northern Crevice Spiny Lizard
Slevin's Bunchgrass Lizard
Southern Prairie Lizard
White Sands Prairie Lizard
Northern Fence Lizard
Southern Fence Lizard
Texas Rosebelly Lizard
Striped Plateau Lizard
Florida Scrub Lizard
Texas Tree Lizard
Big Bend Tree Lizard
Eastern Side-blotched Lizard
Arizona Alligator Lizard
Western Slender Glass Lizard
Eastern Slender Glass Lizard
Eastern Glass Lizard
Banded Gila Monster
Gray-checkered Whiptail
Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail
Texas Spotted Whiptail
Little White Whiptail
Trans-Pecos Striped Whiptail
Laredo Striped Whiptail
New Mexico Whiptail
Eastern Six-lined Racerunner
Texas Yellow-headed Racerunner
Prairie Racerunner
Sonoran Spotted Whiptail
Common Checkered Whiptail
Sonoran Tiger Whiptail
Desert Grassland Whiptail
Southern Coal Skink
Northern Mole Skink
Common Five-lined Skink
Southeastern Five-lined Skink
Broad-headed Skink
Variable Skink
Great Plains Skink
Short-lined Skink
Long-lined (Four-lined) Skink
Little Brown Skink
New Mexico Threadsnake (Blindsnake)
Texas Threadsnake (Blindsnake)
Trans-pecos Threadsnake (Blindsnake)
Texas Glossy Snake
Kansas Glossy Snake
Painted Desert Glossy Snake
Trans-Pecos Ratsnake
Eastern Wormsnake
Western Wormsnake
Northern Scarletsnake
Banded Sandsnake
Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed Snake
Buttermilk Racer
Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer
Western Yellow-bellied Racer
Mexican Racer
Southern Black Racer
Tamaulipan Black-striped Snake
Prairie Ring-necked Snake
Southern Ring-necked Snake
Regal Ring-necked Snake
Mississippi Ring-necked Snake
Texas Indigo Snake
Northern Speckled Racer
Baird's Ratsnake
Great Plains Ratsnake
Southwestern Ratsnake
Texas Ratsnake
Black Ratsnake
Yellow Ratsnake
Everglades Ratsnake
Eastern Mudsnake
Western Mudsnake
Common Rainbow Snake
Tamaulipan Hook-nosed Snake
Chihuahuan Hook-nosed Snake
Mexican Hog-nosed Snake
Plains Hog-nosed Snake
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Southern Hog-nosed Snake
Texas Nightsnake
Gray-banded Kingsnake
Prairie Kingsnake
California Kingsnake
Florida Kingsnake
Eastern Kingsnake
Speckled Kingsnake
Desert Kingsnake
Arizona Mountain Kingsnake
Louisiana Milksnake
Mexican Milksnake
New Mexico Milksnake
Scarlet Kingsnake
Sonoran Whipsnake
Eastern Coachwhip
Red Coachwhip
Western Coachwhip
Ruthven's Whipsnake
Schott's Whipsnake
Central Texas Whipsnake
Desert Striped Whipsnake
Mississippi Green Watersnake
Red-bellied Watersnake
Yellow-bellied Watersnake
Blotched Watersnake
Broad-banded Watersnake
Banded Watersnake
Florida Watersnake
Florida Green Watersnake
Brazos River Watersnake
Northern Diamond-backed Watersnake
Midland Watersnake
Brown Watersnake
Northern Rough Greensnake
Brown Vinesnake
Saddled Leaf-nosed Snake
Spotted Leaf-nosed Snake
Sonoran Gophersnake
Pacific Gophersnake
Florida Pinesnake
Graham's Crayfish Snake
Glossy Crayfish Snake
Gulf Crayfish Snake
Western Long-nosed Snake
Texas Long-nosed Snake
Mountain Patch-nosed Snake
Texas Patch-nosed Snake
Big Bend Patch-nosed Snake
Desert Patch-nosed Snake
Carolina Swampsnake
Northern Green Ratsnake
Marsh Brownsnake
Texas Brownsnake
Midland Brownsnake
Florida Red-bellied Snake
Mexican Black-headed Snake
Southeastern Crowned Snake
Flat-headed Snake
Smith's (SW) Black-headed Snake
Plains Black-headed Snake
Western Black-necked Gartersnake
Eastern Black-necked Gartersnake
Arizona Wandering Gartersnake
Intermountain Wandering Gartersnake
Marcy's Checkered Gartersnake
Arid Land Ribbonsnake
Gulf Coast Ribbonsnake
Orange-striped (Western) Ribbonsnake
Red-striped Ribbonsnake
Narrowhead Gartersnake
Blue-striped Ribbonsnake
Peninsula Ribbonsnake
Common (Eastern) Ribbonsnake
Red-sided Gartersnake
Eastern Gartersnake
Sonoran Lyresnake
Texas Lyresnake
Lined Snake
Rough Earthsnake
Eastern Smooth Earthsnake
Arizona Coralsnake
Harlequin (Eastern) Coralsnake
Texas Coralsnake
Southern Copperhead
Broad-banded Copperhead
Osage Copperhead
Trans-pecos Copperhead
Florida Cottonmouth
Western Cottonmouth
Eastern Cottonmouth
Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake (S0)
Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake
Mojave Desert Sidewinder
Timber Rattlesnake
Banded Rock Rattlesnake
Mottled Rock Rattlesnake
Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake
Northern Black-tailed Rattlesnake
Western Twin-spotted Rattlesnake
Mojave Green Rattlesnake
Tiger Rattlesnake
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (S0)
Prairie Rattlesnake
Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake
Desert Massasauga
Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake
Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake
Western Pygmy Rattlesnake
////---- STATISTICS ----/////
Taxa seen - 358

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