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Dude I gave you the location in the first place.....

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Posted by Bluerosy on March 26, 2003 at 00:58:52:

In Reply to: Re: Rubber Boas posted by snakeguy88 on March 25, 2003 at 21:58:04:

Without me you would not even know to ask for Shaver Lake OR to ask for elevation! Do you bite your parents hands off to?

I was not being negative in explaining why people don't give out exact spots. I simply gave you the reason behind not giving any out. But within the info I had given away several hints. Now you take this hard earned information and throw it in my face. You would have never known to ask for Shaver Lake if it was not for me. You would have never known to ask for elevation if it was not for me either...You really have no clue how stupid of me it was to publically hand this info over to you. In fact it was very stupid of me! But now I wish I could take it back and I have learned my lesson in giving out locations and breaking my silence.

Do you know how many people who have come on here in the past years and have NOT gotten ANY information from anyone? You are very lucky and don't know it! ..or don't care? I did you a HUGE favor (and most herpers would criticize me for doing so!).. No one else would probably have even bothered to answer your thread and explain it to you the way I did. Especially the way you came back after the initial info.

Now you need to take the time to make an apology for your words! Your character already reeks of being a user and getting what you want in any unethical means avaliable to you. Now you should take a moment and think before you respond because you are not getting any more help here from anyone until you make an intelligent effort to redeem yourself and then maybe you might get some answers later down the road.


You say you are only a 15? Well I am 45 and probably older than your parents and have been field collecting for 35 years! If there was a way i would tell your parents how disrespectful you have been I would. Hows that for negative?

:I normally never agree with bluerosy (IE the hyrbid forum) yet in this case, I must definitely do. If people give you "tips and places" it sounds like you want the exact boards and rocks to flip. You already have a location that is just about as good as you can get...From there you just need to learn for yourself about what is their standard habitat and what makes for the best flipping area. No one is being negative...this way, nobody loses their spots and you make your trip worth while when you finally find the snake on your own. You then learn about what are the appropriate conditions for them and what aren't, which is priceless and can only be learned through hands on experience. Andy

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