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Re: Getting screwed

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Posted by jeremy grassman/sungod reptiles on February 11, 2000 at 10:25:55:

In Reply to: Getting screwed posted by Tom Winegar on January 30, 2000 at 21:50:59:

its sad to hear things of this nature about reptile expos. Unfortunately tom,
it sounds like you've encountered the more unscrupulous end of the expo world.
i am a vendor at most of the southwestern shows. i can say, with good conscience,
the reason for me participating in that market is the fact that when i started
purchasing from these shows i found i received the best deal, obtained a wealth
of knowledge from the vendors and in return ended up with a quality product for
which i used to build upon my brand. in fact, if it wasn't for the people i have
met at the expos i probably WOULDN'T have the quality product that i am able to
produce today. as herpers, we have to all stick together. if you've been screwed
by someone, id personally like to know so that i don't get screwed. likewise,
if i get burned by a less than scrupulous vendor, ill let you know. i am familiar
with most of the reptile markets from the pet store industry down to the breeder
that only sells from his/her doorstep. i have also worked in almost every market.
i like the expos for the knowledge! this dilemma you describe can happen in each
market. i have found that most of the time i get nailed is when i do it to myself.
ie. oh, look at that cute in my local LARGE pet store. gee,
i haven't worked with those guys before, i think ill try it-BURN. unfortunately
for me, the remedy is not to engage in that behavior anymore. the reason that
doesn't apply to expos is the fact that you can screen the breeders and get a
'feel' of what type of people they are and what type of product they have. i generally
find that if a vendor is not at least conversationally knowledgeable about his
product then the quality of is product should remain in question. however, if
i can talk and learn something about a species from a vendor then that means he
is at least fired up about his product and that usually reassures me that at least
this guy cares. caring is the WHOLE key. 2 rules to live by at any animal transaction:
1. CARING is essential. 2. ONLY buy captive bred animals of GOOD size. I dont
sell anything under two months of age. some species i dont sell before 4 to 6
months. i encourage you to keep up herping and not to get discouraged from bad
shows. The truth is , some shows are going to be bad. i can recommend some great
shows in the dallas/fort worth area. go to . i have
never been to a bad show produced by these guys. good luck friend.

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