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Posted by PHFaust on February 18, 2003 at 11:08:08:

For those in the greater milwaukee and chicago areas here ya go! I promised to post this and if you emailed me Ill be sure to send you an email about it too!

The first event is Reptile Rampage. Ill post the description directly from their site.
Sunday, March 9 10:00am to 4:00pm
The Wildlife Discovery Center will be hosting the 3rd Annual Reptile Rampage. This event will feature a variety of truly unusual creatures representing private and public collections from all over the Chicagoland Area including the Chicago Herpetological Society, St. Louis Herpetological Society, Bubba the world famous Alligator and a display of VENOMOUS REPTILES! You will also see GIANT reptiles and a number of private collections. If you want to exhibit your prized pet reptile, call us to become an exhibitor! All proceeds will be deposited into the Wildlife Fund to help us give our wildlife collection the finest in care.

Loc: Recreation Center Gymnasium
Date: Sunday, March 9
Time: 10am to 4:00pm
Fee: $5/adults, $3/children.
Contact: Rob Carmichael, Program Manager
-there will be a small iguana display there however unfortunatly I wont be there. For more info on this please visit their site at City Of Lake Forest IL Wildlife center.

The second event is in Milwaukee WI and is a smaller event, but still cool. The Milwaukee Public Museums Snake days is an annual event here. For two days experienced reptile owners will be there to show you many different species and help you learn more about their captive care and native environments. There will be Iguanas, amphibians, torts, crocodilians, snakes (including very large pythons), members of the Chicago Herp Society and many others. The event is free with Museum Admission and should be located on second floor by the egypt and native american displays.
When: Saturday March 15 10am til 5pm and Sunday March 16 10am til 4pm.
For more information on museum location, admission, and directions please go here: Milwaukee Public Museum

Lastly is Reptile Fest. I just finished counting the list of animals from last year and I come up with 129 different species and subspecies of reptiles exhibited. This is taken from the website "What is ReptileFest?
ReptileFest is a 40,000 square-foot exhibition where people can see hundreds of reptiles and amphibians from around the world and can buy a wide variety of reptile-related products. This annual event is organized by the Chicago Herpetological Society (including its 800+ members) and 2003 will mark ReptileFest's 10th anniversary.

How is ReptileFest different from other shows?
Unlike most shows, the primary goal of ReptileFest is to educate the public about reptiles and amphibians BEFORE they buy an animal. Because of this, no animals are sold at the event (other than feeder mice and insects). All exhibit animals are owned by CHS members or guests, people who can give accurate and honest advice about keeping herps in captivity and who can make people aware of important reptile and amphibian conservation issues. "
Reptile Fest will be help At the University of Illinois At Chicago.
At Reptile Fest there will be no venomous species however Bubba is a big sexy gator that MUST be seen. There are also regular presentations throughout the day on different reptiles, a photo booth, face painting, concessions, vendors selling feeder supplies, tee-shirts, books, husbandry supplies and various collectables. There is also a chance that there will be Utila Island Iguanas there as well. Hopefully there will also be the very cool Illinois Native Reptiles display last year which was Very cool.
When: Satuday April 5 and Sunday April 6, 2003 10 am til 5pm. For more information please visit: Chicago Herp Society's Reptile Fest

NOW If you attend either Reptile Fest or Snake Days, Find Me (ill me wearing Kingsnake Swag and near an Iguana) tell me your User ID and which forums you visit and I will give you a prize! Cheesy prize all be it but a prize none the less! The photo attached is a top view of Reptile Fest from last year. If you have questions on these events, please feel free to email me as well.

Email PHFaust

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