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Posted by Valerio on July 20, 1999 at 18:46:27:

In Reply to: Re: sorry posted by Russ on July 19, 1999 at 00:20:28:

Hi Russ,
I am not well informed, as far as I know it is pretty difficult thing for people that live in post-soviet republics to obtain American citizenship or even American visa for visiting your country. Although I am not too certain, it should be checked in American Embassy. I`m happy you do not lose the time in vain in Latvia :) . Good luck in love and in everything. As for me I`m tired of Ukrainian women :).
: Hi Valerio,
: Latvia is awesome and the women are so incredibly beautiful. I met one lady who I now refer to as my "Latvian Queen" she is Outstanding....needless to say I am having an incredible time in Latvia and do not want to go home. Can you tell me if it is true that a woman from these parts of the country can not freely travel to the USA if they wanted to? Hope to hear from you soon...I also hear the Ukrainian women are beautiful as lucky guys:)

: Hi Russ,
: : Sorry, I could not get any pic of Natrix natrix and besides I still have not scaner and own web page.
: : This snake bites in quite rare ocasions only and it is not venomous, it sometimes can simulate death to confuse its enemies (o herpers :) ) o regurgitate recently eaten prey, but usually secretes nasty smelling liquid. You are lucky if this not happened. Hope you are doing cool in Latvia. All the best...

: :
: : : Hi Valerio,
: : : Well the snake is pretty tame and does not bite. It hisses very loudly and puffs its head out to scare people off but does not bite. It does not smell either. Can you get a picture of one and attach it your post? It's good to hear from you, hope all is well in Ukrain!:)

: : : : Hi Russ,
: : : : I was thinking you are in Spain. From what you describe it`s certainly Natrix natrix (as far as I know it`s called grass snake in UK). It`s a most usual species in Europe and need care similar to that of Nerodia. It usually lives near rivers, ponds etc, sweems well and feeds fishes, frogs and tadpoles. Wild specimens stink pretty well :)
: : : : Feel free to email me. See ya...
: : : : : Hi Valerio,
: : : : : If you remeber me I am the military guy that talked to you in March about Latvia. Well I'm here and I found my first snake...just not sure what it is. Looks like a rat snake of some is blueish black with a bright orange patch on both sides of his cheeks. He does not look poisonous but any help identifying it will be appreciated.
: : : : : By the way this place is very beautiful. Hope to hear from you soon.
: : : : : Russ

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