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Posted by Andy on March 14, 2002 at 18:49:06:

on visting the frog exhibit in Galveston at Moody Gardens, please do not waste your time and money. It was deplorable. I was about ready to shoot someone. I was horrified at the conditions and information. First of all, green tree frogs, termite frogs, and marsupial frogs were all in the same tanks. 2 Marsupial frogs, with closer examination, were dead and one fell off of a leaf and was bloated. Very disgusting. That was just the front room though. Then we waited another maybe 2 hours to see the large chunk of the "50" species of frogs. The line finally approaches a small hut. The first exhibits I see are a canyon tree frog, no water bowl at all, and an african bullfrog tank. There are two young african bullfrogs in the same tank. I was thinking there had probably been 3 as one frog was looking extrememly large...Next they had no information on the frogs they had. The pyxie frogs were probably 1.5 inches long, no one ever would have guessed the would grow to 9 inches until I took over as tour guide lol. A 15 yr old teen leading a tour throughout the small frog hut. The next complaint I had, where are all these exotic species? The only species I saw that I couldnt have just seen in the local herpstore was the Harlequin frog or toad, whichever you prefer. They had it named as the golden toad, which I believe is from costa rica and is extremely endangered if not extinct. Anyway, I just wanted to rant and rave, so there it is. They aslo had the Horned frog which was most definitely Cranwell's horned frog listed as an Ornate pac man frog. I resent that, especially since they claim to have one of the largest collections of frogs in the world. Maybe in the third world it would be the largest collection, but anyone that goes to the local zoo will most assuredly see just as many frog species as they had on hand. So in closing, after my rant and rave, anyone that lives in the Houston metropolitan area should either visit the Houton Zoo, Pets-A-Plenty, Char's Reptile Store, or S&S exotic for just a fraction of the cost or for free. Thanks for reading :)~Andy

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