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Re: Sad in NY + Cats

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Posted by Joshua Ingram on November 04, 2001 at 15:02:20:

In Reply to: Sad in NY posted by Raul on October 09, 2001 at 10:31:20:


I know the feeling. I live in Woodside, Queens (NY). I am a newbie snake love and owner. My wife and I bought our first baby at the expo in Westchester, a beautiful Okatee Corn named Origin. We also have three beautiful cats (Jesse, Screamer, and Delilah). Delilah is the youngest 1 1/2 years old (the other two are 7 years old). We had Origin in a plastic enclosure in our living room. We took all the necessry precautions so that the cats wouldn't get into any trouble. One thing we did was to weigh Origin's enclousre down at night and when we weren't home as well as not providing the cats with any place to sit or prawl around the sides. Well, with that being said one morning I woke up earlier than usual (around 6 am) and went to check my email. To my utter shock I found Origins cage on the floor and the top popped off. I woke my wife and we went seaching, no luck never found her. We have assumed that Delilah (because she was the most curious, like you couldn't believe) somehow found a small place to do her magic and was able to knock the enclosure to the ground (I mean, we had a heavy weight on the cage (I think is was about 7 - 10 pounds). I can't believe that we didn't hear it fall, if we did we might have been able to find Origin. BUT, what we actually think now is that Delilah ate Origin. Delilah had vometted to following day and my wife thought she saw what was the rements of a snake tail.

The point is, even though we had her for a month we both were devistated we had grown attached to Origin and loved her with all our heart and soul as we do all the cats. We know it's not Delilah's fault as she was just doing what she does. It's ours in that we needed to take additional precautions. As the saying goes "You Live And Learn". Since then we have gotten a new Charcoal Corn and she is in an acquarium in our bedroom and the cats are no longer allowed in the bedroom when we are not home or during the night. We are also buying a Brazilian Rainbow Boa at the end of the month.

Either way our new Corn snake Mystical is doing great and yes she loves trying to escape. Snakes are amazing creatures and MUST be respected for their beauty, instinct, intelligence, unpredictableness (is that a word?) and sheer ability to amaze us in every way, shape, and form on a daily basis.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


: I was trying to get my breeding stock together yesterday by buying 5 50% het for albino Ball pythons. I live in NYC and the guy that I was buying them from lives in Mass. After 4 States and about three hours I got my babies. Me and the breeder looked them over and I paid and went on my way. When I got home I looked at the plastic bag where my snakes were and saw that one of then had goteen out of his temp plastic home and was now in the bag upon further inspection I found that a second snake had gotten out but this one was MIA. My friend and I tried in vain to get the snake back. There are just too many places where it could have gone. I wouldnt have been so worried if the weather wasnt so cold. If it were summer she would just pop out when she was ready but being that last night it got to 40 degress I dought that she could have survived. The moral of this story is simple...... Snakes LIVE for the chance of escape. Even a snake that is resting will know when there is just the smallest hint of freedom. Try it sometime open the lid of your precious snke and just watch him. Give him about 5 minutes and watch as he changes from your calm pet to a wild animal. DONT underestimate their power to open things and Never think they are too calm to escape cause you cant get calmer than a Ball python. Keep them secure cause it hurts sooooo much to lose them.......

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