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Story Of The Fugitive Snow Corn.......

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Posted by J.A. on October 24, 2001 at 03:53:45:

This is a story about the rescue and recovery efforts of a lost snow corn snake! I found the fugitive was missing at feeding time. I saw my mistake. A small hole was manufactured into the plastic cage he is in. Why it was made that way is more of a mystery than I can reveal. I, of course, dummy that I am, did not think he could escape from that tiny hole. Well, when you are dealing with a hatchling corn snake, you must think of the unthinkable I found. I looked under the newspapers in the enclosure, over and over, then came the feeling-he was GONE! So, I began my search. I looked everywhere in the room. Tried every technique I knew, from the crinkle bags to the cornstarch, and nothing. One website told me that I would find him when I had given up all hope. I lost hope quickly, for our vents are on the floor, and there I discovered a hole in the wall. About a month went by, and yes, I had given up all hopes of finding him. I have other reptiles in my reptile room, such as tortoises, a blue tongue skink, and other snakes. During this search, I noticed the bluey was acting funny one day, hiding more, and 1 day refusing food. I just thought he was going through a weird phase, and he ate very well the next day, and seemed back to normal. Well, one day, when about a month had went by, my baby redfoot and boxie were acting very strange. Tortoises almost never refuse food, unless sick or stressed. They would not eat this day. They did not want to come out of hiding from the cypress mulch, and ran as fast as a turtle and tortoise could go when I took them out of hiding. The baby redfoot was going in his shell all of the time and hissing and acting terrified. I figured that since the day before, I did not feed them (they get a day off from food here and there so they do not grow too quickly and form pyramiding and for digestion) that maybe they ate up too much cypress mulch or something. I figured maybe it was time to remove the cypress mulch, and I started scooping it up, and under the snclosure, was the fugitive snow corn in all his glory!! The tortoise enclosure was located near the snake cage, but up on a stand, and he was squished under there, a feat I would have never thought possible. But, then again, never underestimate a corn snake, they will find a way. He is now back to his enclosure, hole is covered over, and he is still looking for another way out. The turtle and tortoise are back to normal, poor guys! Other animals can be the best key for finding a lost snake, they will let you know in some way that they are not happy, you just have to "believe" them!!

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