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It's Gone

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Posted by Jimmy Dean on July 25, 2002 at 12:11:42:

In Reply to: Ya , but Im thinking of the future, I want her to have a long,happy life... posted by roxy on July 19, 2002 at 13:05:48:

The only living thing that is sad is really you. If you are worried about the winter then I would start worrying about other things like casualties of freedom.The lizard that decided life might be better outside of its luxurious penitentiary in the real world where it has to be scared of all creatures bigger than it for the chance that they might make a meal or even a brief toy (to cats) until the batteries run out.
As for the other one that felt that it is probably safer in this federal jail and decided to stay doesn't feel any worse. In its mind all it knows is that for one he doesn't have to work as hard to get the choice food items when placed in there with him. And he has more room to hang out now enjoys sitting there and watching you feel sorry for him.
If you feel bad get over it and learn from your mistakes. Don't put it in something where it can just get out. Just think if it got lose in your house...Chances are it would be sheer luck to find it, especially if it is little. Now turn the table and think of the wide open world outside of your home. At least it has a chance to find food and shelter and just wouldn't starve to death under some refrigerator or dryer. This seems like it affected you sort of so maybe you will be certain that this doesn't happen. Trouble shoot the cage that you put him in and check every nook and cranny. What do you think us folks with 3ft(or larger) monitor lizards or 6ft snakes (or larger) or some smaller more rare and costly individuals. You MUST be certain that it will not escape cause if it does and some idiot finds it calls the animal control and get enough calls about them then they start outlawing stuff. Just look at how many counties won't let you have a constricting snake. And that's all in the catagory. Even something as small as a baby 6-7 inch corn snake that eats newborn mice due to the fear of it constricting and killing someone. As far as I'm concerned a pet hamster could do 10X the damage, what are they gonna outlaw them too?. But ignorant dumb asses just don't think and as long as they freak out due to owners making sure they practice safe habits on all scales then we will never win... It is just like these "kids" buying a burmese python in the pet store and in that first year they don't want it because it is on the verge of being to big to house or even worse getting killed because thought with their rear ends and didn't realize that this creature is purely instincive and carries a potential risk with its ownership. To make a long story short, learn from this because you may want a more exotic or sizable pet and the rest of the reptile collectors don't need any more hastle from legislatures because you didn't want to keep your pet locked away and didn't treat it according to size and species. Luckily colloared lizards don't get big and aren't life threatening to most and will be mistaken for some "regular" lizard and either killed by an ignorant person, killed by an animal for food, or killed by an animal for sheer pleasure.
Hope you find it, and you will need this ....GOOD LUCK.

: : Isnt this summer right now? And winter is a while off?

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