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Time machine.....Lost in Space....

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Posted by John on March 15, 2002 at 11:34:50:

Of all the escaped stories the lost in time ones are usually the best.
About 3 years ago I purchased a boa constrictor that looks to be a sonaran desert sub species. She or he is about 4ft long and she is very good at escaping. Not to long after I had bought her she managed to work her way out of her cage and disappear for about a month. Now the strange thing about this disappering act is the room was a sealed room and NOT even mice nor cricket could escape. Now I have to say it's still perplexing to me how this animal was able to hide and stay clear of humans,cat's, dog's and even an escaped rat that was left for her. That rat is still with us today because he dodged death about 100 times. Now getting back to the snake, about 2 months goes by then boom one day she's crwaling back along my snake rack and there she is in plain site so we fetch her up place her in the cage find a new lock and everything is good. Well not that good because then after only 1 omnth of captivity I was forgetful to lock the cage and bam she was out once again lost in space. I swear she has a time machine or has the power to become invisble. SHe is gone no where to be found I tear cieling panels out walls you name it and i tore it out. To no avail she was gone. I noticed a crack in a window and assumed she was gone into the wild blue yonder never to be seen again. About 3 months goes by and it becomes winter so I figure well she's dead but then a news broadcast comes on and 2 blocks from my houes a snake was found in a toilet. I pause I wonder I go check it out........ Guess what????
It wasn't her. Man I was bumbed and now I really figured she was a popsicle. So many months goes by and winter, spring comes around and then it about a year later and I had almost forgotten her then I i was cleaning a cage and I found a mysterious shape in the corner of the room. I cleaned the corner of the room wich was behind some huge six foot cages about 3months before and this shap was not there. So I pull the cages out and BAM there it a poop. A boa POOP???? HUH WHat how???? I mean how???? I couldn't figure it out.. The rat was back in a nice secure cage no way it was a boa what did she eat when did she eat??? How could a boa poop be here. Well, I felt kind of good yet very perplexed as to what she ate and then I realized she must still be around. Which ment she never went outside and was never frozen in the wild. I felt good about that, So a year went by with out a site of her and now I get this clue so back to the walls I go and then the floor and ceiling but still no snake. Then in june of that year, there she was slithering across the same snake rack she did a year ago almost to the day.So were was she all that time. I believe she was somwwhere in the twilight zone maybe some space time continuem or maybe she spoke to Harry huedini. I still to this day have no idea where she went or how she got back but now a days she is always in a very secure cage locked at all times except feeding and cleaning were she is never alowed to roam off and get lost again. She still tries to escape but she has not been succesful in over two years. Well, I have a few other stories involving a day gecko perhaps one day i will post them.

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