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my corn snake-FOUND! A long but interesting story

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Posted by Iris on March 08, 2002 at 00:52:23:

For those who don't know about Xavier, he's 6 months old but kind of small for his age 13-14 inches and a normal striped.
I'll start from the beginning I guess. Well, it all started when I brought my corn snake to school to in his tank and everything to keep him there for a few days in my biology classroom. Everything was fine and dandy for the first week. But during the second week, one day,I didn't have time to stop and feed Xavier so I left a pinkie with my teacher to feed him for me. I always take him out of the tank to feed and then put him back so my teacher did that too. He was waiting for Xavier to finish swallowing the pinkie when he started to do some other stuff and completely forgot about Xavier. Well Xavier fell off the table he had been eating on and crawled into a hole in the wall. We put a heating pad with his hide box on top of it and a bowl of water right by the hole.
A few weeks after (although it seemed like YEARS to me..) one morning, Xavier came out of the hole and was sitting innocently inside his box. I was ecstatic of course. Well by then I had taken the tank home so we made a temporary holding thing by putting him into a bowl with his hide and water dish and the covering the lid.
Someone came in while my teacher wasn't in the room and opened the lid, probably examined the snake, and then left...except he/she forgot to close the lid! Needless to say, Xavier escaped (again) and right next to the spot where he had been was a huge sink with a nice big drain. I thought that he fell into the sink and crawled down the drain because snakes seem to go ANYWHERE. I pretty much gave him up for lost for about a week.
Then, yesterday(Thursday), someone in an adjacent room went to one of the sinks in his room to wash his hand and just as he was about to turn on the faucet, a little snake head popped up out of the drain. By then, pretty much everyone had heard about a little missing snake with a gray head and orangey-brown with stripes so he called his teacher over and she gave Xavier to my teacher. My teacher was so afraid he'd lose him again so he kept Xavier in his shirt pocket with one hand over it to make sure Xavier was still there. When I went to class he handed him to me. It's still kind of unbelieveable! How could a snake crawl down a sink drain and find its way through the pipes into another classroom without drowning? It was probably an accident that he came up the sink. Anyway, I fed him as soon as I got home and he was pretty ravenous. At least he probably got plenty to drink! Let's just say that I won't be letting ANYONE touch him for a while and I'll probably be checking every 2 minutes to make sure he's still in his tank.

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