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Perfect mamba cage? maybe...

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Posted by Chance on April 24, 2003 at 23:23:30:

In Reply to: Perfect mamba cage? maybe... posted by Scott Eipper on April 24, 2003 at 22:11:55:


:You have a habit of pis$ing in a person's face after they gve you advice.

Just curious, but who's face exactly am I pis$ing in? Jeremy's? No, because he certainly wasn't offering me advice. In fact, that's just the thing, this whole string came about because he wanted to start a fight evidently. If you'll go back and read the original post and my reply to it, nothing said should have been able to start this kind of crap.

:I seem to recall you asking questions of a fairly rudimentry level about feeding and caging in young elapids and yet now you are keeping Dendroaspis?

I asked questions about feeding a neonate spectacled that wouldn't eat. I've already explained in an earlier post the situation that surrounded that. After having kept a few other neonates and adults now, it's obvious that that snake should have had no problems feeding IF it had been established. Unfortunately, it wasn't established and probably sold right out of the egg. Ah well, live and learn, right?

:Why do I say this...when you go into "hot" keeping prior experience is generally a must if you are to stay without bites...I started with hots and I have made those silly mistakes and had a large elapid chewing on my finger because of it.

Sounds rough, however nothing anywhere similar to that has happened. I didn't start out keeping hots. I guess I'm sorry that my questioning wasn't appropriate, and must have just misunderstood the whole point of these forums?

:I make comments to try and benefit people who are in the world of venomous snakes and slagging off people is'nt a good way to go about it.

Who am I "slagging off", exactly?

:You called me awhile back, some less than favorable things when I said that from your posts I did'nt sound like It was safe for you to be keeping what you were. Not my problem, my laws won't change because of people on the other side of the world, others on this forum might however see it differently.

Like I said in an earlier comment, I won't go on the defensive unless someone has already gone on the offensive to me. I don't go about trying to pick fights. Actually, the ONLY reason I ever come to these forums is to try to learn as much as is humanly possible about these animals. I've learned a ton already through keeping my own and reading other people's experiences, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so. But again I just have to ask, is it really that big of a crime to get on a forum like this and post a message such as I did at the beginning of this thread? It was purely informative and contained, IMO, some great information on how to build a good mamba enclosure. That's what this entire thread should have been about, but instead someone decided to turn it into an opportunity to start yet another pointless, stupid fight. Anyway, thanks for your comments. I certainly hope I'm not pis$ing in your face with this one.

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