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Re: Sunset's, Leucistics,and Lies...

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Posted by Gilbert Thompson on March 11, 2003 at 13:58:56:

In Reply to: Sunset's, Leucistics,and Lies... posted by diamondreptile on March 11, 2003 at 09:37:51:

I am sure glad this was posted!! I was going to buy this animal and it was called a Albino monicale that was Het. for Sunset. Mitch, I will forward you the emails and good luck to you. I sure am glad I did not end up getting this and keeping it or sell it to a friend.
I was informed there were pics of it in the free gallery and titled as a Albino het for Sunset.
I would not jump to quick on the person selling it for they may have been taken by another. Therefore, maybe a victim as well.

:It has come to my attention That People are trying to sell Bogus animals Under My name.

:In the past 5 months I have had two calls from people Asking me If I had ever sold Albino Het for sunsets. The Answer is NO.

:There is No such Thing as Albino Het For sunset.

:The Very first batch Of eggs from the Sunset Monacled female where laid last year, She was bred By an albino Male. Thus making all the babies Double het For sunset and Albino But normal in appearance.

:Giving I also Had The Leucistic female Lay a clutch last year as well. she was bred with the Sunset male. I marketed these as double hets. (Leucistic/Sunsets). These are the ones that are very light and formosa in looks.

:So I would Not confuse people with having two types of double hets. I sold the het for sunsets as just that and told the Buyers they will also Throw Albinos and with any luck an albino Sunset.

:It would have been to confusing for people to see two diff types of double hets for sale.

:All of these offspring when sold Had Cert.of bloodlines.
:These were # and given with the animals.

:It would seem that some out there are Falsely Producing paper work.

:They are making some Certificate's or paperwork for Albino Het for sunsets. AGAIN THERE ARE NO SUCH ANIMALS AVAILABLE!I have never produced Albino het for Sunsets.

:If anyone Out there Is trying to sell you a Albino Het for sunset. Make sure you get a Kiss, I like I kiss when someone Trys to F*@k Me.

:If I seem I bit Peeved Its because I put alot of hard Work and time In producing these animals. And I don't want my Name ruined Because of some other people trying to Scam others.

:SO To make this short. If someone Is trying to sell You Albino het for sunsets Walk away. Its A scam.

:Anyone Can call me and ask who I have sold The het's for sunset to and who I have sold the Double Hets"Leucistic/sunset too.

:To futher prevent this from happening Photos of the animals will now be Printed on the back of the Cert. of bloodlines.

:Micro chips may also be used.

:Its sad when People try to scam others in the Herp hobby.
:I know, I have been scamed in the past.

:Its not about the money for me, Its about Integrity & pride ...

:It would seem more and more people have less and less if it.
:Very sad to say the least.

:With that I wish all a great year. We need it with whats going on in the world.

:Mitch @ Diamond reptile Breeders.

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