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Re: Albinism in Monicale Cobras question??

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Posted by Chance on February 28, 2003 at 22:02:53:

In Reply to: Albinism in Monicale Cobras question?? posted by Gilbert Thompson on February 28, 2003 at 02:34:58:

: Can anybody tell me if one eye being bigger than the other is a normal occurrence in Albino Moincals? Also if the snake is blind in the bigger eye? How can you tell?
: Since I have not had it long I am assumeing it may be a retianed eye cap!
: Can anyone give some advice?

One or more bulging eyes is not generally a good sign in any snake. Albinism, or rather in this case, amelanism, in monocled cobras shouldn't cause this odd of a problem, though I suppose with a great amount of inbreeding in already grossly inbred stock things like that COULD happen. I'd suggest getting it to a vet soon to be sure there isn't an infection causing the eye to bulge. Does the eye look normal, just sticking out more than the other? Or does it obviously bulge, maybe with a liquid-filled sack behind it? If it looks normal, it may well be genetic. I've seen some amethystine pythons that were born with either two bug eyes or one, and they were all from the same clutch. They otherwise appeared very healthy. However, if there is an obvious sign of infection (liquid-filled sac, or liquid that appears to leak from the eyes) you definitely want to get it to a vet ASAP. Probably would be a good idea either way.

If you really fear it's a stuck eyecap, you can take a damp cloth (as soft as possible), restrain the snake by holding its head firmly, and gently rub the eye to see if the cap will come off. I've had to do this once with a juvie black-necked spitter that retained an eye cap. It came off very easily. However, if the eye is noticeably larger than the other, one retained eye cap is not likely to be the culprit. It'd have to be a few stuck on there (which is possible), or maybe one that caused an infection. If you can rub the rag on it and it seems to get better (and I assume here that I don't have to emphasize complete safety with this, as your fingers potentially could get close to its fangs) a vet might not be needed. Anyway, good luck, and let us know what happens. Post some pics sometime if you get the opportunity. By the way, the proper spelling is "monocled" :)

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