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Re: Naja nigricollis crawshayi

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Posted by bhw on February 12, 2003 at 14:22:20:

In Reply to: Re: Naja nigricollis crawshayi posted by bhw on February 12, 2003 at 10:48:16:

Thanks for your time and info Jeremy. Do you have any nigricollis now?
::Hi Brad,
::It sounds to me just to be plain ol Naja nigricollis nigricollis. I have seen some adults which were very shiny blk dorsaly but most tend to be much more faded then what their belly and head keeps.

::BTW, I am still not sure whether there are other ssp which look similar to the nominate yet have differnces that require ssp specification but I would be wary if someone is trying to push this snake off for more then it is. What would be the price he/she is asking, if im not prying too deep? If its over $150.00(for an adult! Babies are going much cheaper)then I personaly wouldnt pay it unless he/she can proove its origins are other then the common nominate ssp.

::In any case, they are very interesting snakes but do require alot of respect! Some are very spitty, others tend to act alomost like a mamba with their sketchy demeanor and their damn near as fast too! These guys are definately more of a handfull then most if not all of the Asian stuff so be extreamly carefull when handleing them(duh! :-)

::Good luck on your Naja search and hopefully the person does have something unique though I am lead to belive its just the plain ol blk neck.

::Take care,

::::I belive that ssp is no longer valid or as you mentioned, was never fully excepted. Though I cant think of any of the currently regonised ssp at the moment, I know that name isnt one of them. What did the person you are reciveing them from say they looked like? A pyhsical discription or common name will help in us giveing you info.

::::The one thing I do know is Naja nigricollis nigricollis obtains the largest size and is the biggest spitter there is. The others tend to be much smaller. There is a brown phase which may be a seperate ssp and it obtains upwards of 7ft in length but I belive this is just a form of N.n.nigricollis.

::::Try to get us a discription for better info.

::::All the best,

:::::I am getting some black neck spitters that are supposed to be of the crawshayi subspecies. I cannot find much info on these animals other than it is not widely accepted as a subspecies.Does anyone have any knowledge of them ie. range,size,do they change color as they get older? Thanks

::::Thanks for your response. I was told that they are mat black dorsally,shiny black ventrals, shiny black head, and a bright red band around the throat. Thanks for any more help.
::: Brad




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