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Re: Ophiophagus hannah

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Posted by Viper on December 16, 2002 at 11:46:08:

In Reply to: Re: Ophiophagus hannah posted by oxyuranus on December 16, 2002 at 07:01:18:

I appreciate your response. This is how I am keeping the snake at this time. He is in a 48" Neo and I have the front covered. I have made a Hide box out of cardboard that has a maze in it so he can feel totally secure. The first day I brought him home was Sat. and I sit in front of his cage and calmly talked to him moving slowly in front of him for a couple hours and letting him know I am not a threat to him. now, he will come out of the hide box and will not hood up at me but he will hood up and watch everyone else. Its funny how fast these animals get to know thier keeper. I will never try to convert to Rodents becouse I dont feel rodents will make up a fully nutritious diet for this snake. I have seen Rodent and snake eating Kings side by side and the Rodent eaters dont have the Muscle tone that the snake eater has. The Rostal scale is still there but the two scales right above it on the head look like they have been rubbed off. so Is there anything I can do for these?
Once again
Thank You

:First thing you need to do is take the snake to an experienced herp vet for a thorough checkup - with emphasis on identifying any parasite load - and treating it right the first time to remove this impediment to recovery.

:Next, with regards the nose rubbing - remove the cause of the problem by keeping this snake in as large an enclosure as you can, providing a hidebox, and (at least for a month or two) completely covering the front of the cage, and avoiding all possible stressors.

:If the nose rub doesn't involve broken skin I suggest you do nothing else but let nature take its course, and allow it to heal without intervention.

:You next problem is sorting the animal out in terms of nutrition. Unless you know this animal has a history of feeding on rodents or thawed snakes I recommend that you begin by simply introducing medium sized (30" to 40") feeder snakes into the cage alive and let the king establish a feeding pattern. If the animal has been without food for some time it is important not to overdo initial feedings since its digestive system might not be able to cope - and the last thing you want to deal with are regurgitations - or worse - putrification in the gut of the snake.

:Once the animal is feeding regularly you should graduate from live to stunned to freshly killed snakes ... from there you can start using surgical cotton to add chains of 2-3 freshly thawed rodents to the ophidian entree ... after that offer snake scented rodents ... and in time the king may graduate to eating thawed unscented rats.

:Over time the snake will become accustomed to his enclosure and you can initially uncover small sections of the front of the cage - allowing the snake to investigate the world through the glass - if nose rubbing begins again, you may have to either put a one-way tint on the glass to stop him/her seeing out, or alternatively move him to a groundlevel, top-opening cage with no glass/perspex on the sides or front.

:Good luck. If you remember that stress does more harm to WC kings than any other factor, and take steps to keep stress to the absolute minimum you should be quite successful.


:David Williams

::I am not new to the Venomous Herp world. But, I have just brought home 9' wild caught Indo King with some problems that I need some help with. This snake has been Very mistreated and is Very Skinny. He has a Super Nose rub and needs some serious T.L.C. He still has the Rostal scale but has a serious rub right above it. I am wondering what I need to put on this snakes nose to help this heal up? or should I just let it shed out? It is not a open wound but look very Pink and alittle swollen. Knowing the intellegence of this snake I cannot help but feel sorry for him every time I look at him and, I want to do everything in my power to help him out without stressing him out any more than I have to. also on the count of his low body waight I feel Common sense telling me to feed him several small meals to fatten him up faster. but please tell me if I am wrong.
::I Trully appreciate all of your help in advance.
::Thank You


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