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some answers

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Posted by oxyuranus on November 05, 2002 at 00:03:35:

In Reply to: Australian Elapids posted by craigcoleman on November 04, 2002 at 23:28:31:

Hi Craig,

Answers below...

:Hi guys. Sorry to disrupt the fantasic arguments that are going on in this forum, but I was wondering if I might be able to get some legitament infomation out of someone.
:Ive kept Austalian elapids on and off for around 8 years but really havent been all that serious about breeding etc, and have previously just kepts a few odd adults. Its now been a few years since I last kept an elapid. I am looking for as much info on caging for Red Bellied Blacks, and Tigers as I can. I have read most papers on the internet and I have read a few books all seem to have conflicting ideas, which is understandable.

:The questions are:

:For an average sized Red Bellied Black (4-5ft) is a cage 75cmL x 60cmD x 40H an ok size??????? I am also looking at using the same size for Tigers and Collets. Only one animal per cage will be used. They will all have red globes and a thermostate as the heat source and a glass hinged doorfor access

Yes you certainly could keep a 1.5 metre Pseudechis or Notechis in a cage that was this size, however personally I usually recommend that the diagonal floor measurement (ie: front left to rear right) should equal the total length of the specimen + half again for each additional animal.

For example this means that a cage for a 1.5 metre elapid would measure either [LxWxH] 1350x670x600, or 1250x830x600 or even 1100x1000x600.

If you wanted to keep two similarly sized snake together then the diagonal measurement would be 1.5m+0.75m=2.25m and the cages sizes would be 2150x700x600 or 1970x1120x600 or even 1610x1600x600 depending on the space available. I use 600mm as a minimum height for cages holding highly venomous snakes.

Obviously cages wider than 700mm can be difficult to service unless you build top opening floor cages.

In addition to heating you also have to consider providing UV-B lighting, and as with all light fittings you will need to ensure that the snakes cannot make contact with the bulbs, or if using fluros ... cannot get between the tube and the holder.

:I am aware that alot of people tend to use larger cages for colletts, so would 3ft x 2ft (90cm x 60cm) be more appropriate?

For a Collett's snake up to about 1.1 metres that sounds fine, but for larger snakes you really need bigger caging in my opinion.

Other people here will probably tell you that snakes will thrive in smaller cages, and that may well be true, however the same goes for human beings ... with food and water we probably do well in 3x3 metre cells ... question is would we want to? If you keep reptiles you have an obligation to keep them in the best conditions possible, so the more room you give them for exercise the better.

:I am also looking at meeting and or emailing as many people as I can in south QLD or anywhere in Australia who keep these Elapids. Friendship, and info swaping would be great? anyone?

I'm only too happy to talk to you anytime. Just drop me an email and I'll do what I can to answer any questions you have.

:Some info on where I might be able to obtain these snakes would be gerat as well... anyone with sub adults/adults for sale??

:Would also like to say, I met Ramond Hoser last weekend at the QLD herp society meeting, and think he is a top bloke. Love the CD of Fred's show ray, its great..... and Scott, I think you have some balls with that inland!!!! Also think your male combat bit is great..

:Any Info would be excellent... feel free to email me direct

David Williams

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