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Re: dfw expo:leopard geckos and corn snakes

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Posted by KelliH on September 02, 2002 at 02:49:19:

In Reply to: Re: dfw expo:leopard geckos and corn snakes posted by Matt_015 on September 02, 2002 at 01:23:14:

Hello, I believe my husband and I are the vendors you referred to when you stated, "the other vendor only carried morphs" regarding the leopard geckos (BTW if you are looking for normal leopard geckos please let me know, I can refer you to a few good breeders that still work with the normals). I thought that I would also let you know (in case you missed it) that in addition to the leopard geckos we had the following on our tables: brazilian rainbow boas, common boa constrictors, two different Eryx (sand boa) species (one was a rather uncommon one), ball pythons, granite phase spotted pythons, mexican baird's rat snakes, albino greenish rat snakes, blue beauty snakes, variable kingsnakes, hypo red milks, pueblan milksnakes, a couple of borneo short tail (blood) pythons that belonged to a friend and yes, some high end leopard geckos. Due to an unforseen situation I personally did not get to look around much at the show but I DID see some nice ball python morphs, an albino retic, some Pituophis (applegate albino gophers), several different North American Elaphe (other than corns), some really nice cal kings, some absolutely beautiful dart frogs (captive bred!), a whole smorgasbord of different Phelsuma (day geckos), captive bred tokay geckos (VERY cool BTW), banded geckos, captive bred! tegus (looked like a few varieties of those but I am no tegu expert :), water dragons, some beautiful bearded dragons, star tortoises, redfoots etc etc etc. And that is just what I saw in about 5 minutes of going around to chat with a few of the other vendors. Yes, we had a lot of leopard gecko morphs and Don Soderburg was there with his cornsnakes (which are awesome BTW). What exactly were you looking for that wasn't represented, maybe I can steer you in the right direction? I don't mean to be rude but to imply that there was no diversity there is a tad absurd! Just my 2 cents worth though!

PS. The best thing about the DFW show was that everyone looked happy and seemed to be having a good time. Some other shows I have been to in the past (these shall remain nameless) have been downright depressing. They seemed more like swap meets, mainly importers and brokers just there to make a dollar! Admittidly I am a bit biased (as I am a herpetoculturist and not an animal broker) but it just seemed to be a much more positive environment this weekend. I can't wait (that is putting it mildly!) for the next DFW Captive Bred Expo!! Thank you Carl! Please make it soon!

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