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Re: Texas Hot Show

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Posted by Randal Berry on June 15, 2002 at 22:25:55:

In Reply to: Re: Texas Hot Show posted by Steve Abell II on June 11, 2002 at 22:14:25:

I have nothing against Michael. I asked why my orginal post about the Texas Reptiles Expo in San Antonio was pulled. I was told that Steve Campell pulled it, why?, I don't really know. Maybe he has a problem with me or with Texas Reptiles Expo.
As far as what does it matter who started your club, I didn't know Michael was a co-founder! I thought James and Bonnie Arnold started the club a few years ago, and no one mentioned Michael as a co-founder, thats all! I have tried to be a student of herpetoculture for years, documenting all that I could, while trying to write a book about the history of it all.(I'm still writing).
however, I embrace your society and I was just posting something on this forum that I THOUGHT members might enjoy and participate in. Just because "my" county, (as you say),can keep hot reptiles, but the "Metroplex" cannot, doesn't mean that other folks in the state of Texas or the DFW society shouldn't be elightened of an up-coming show that has "hot" herps.
I am sorry if you think that I am causing trouble, I just wondered why my post was pulled!
And no one from your society can tell me why.
Maybe you can find out for me.
Thanks for your comments, and if you get the chance, come to the San Antonio Show next weekend, because I'll be there and maybe we can discuss it.

Randal Berry

: I missed your post about the hot herp show. What on earth could you have said that would have caused your post to be pulled? Please repeat it and let's see if it gets pulled again. I checked out the website for the Central Arkansas Herpetological Society. You seem like reasonable people. Why are you causing trouble? What does it matter who started who our club? What could you possibly have against Michael Smith or anyone in our club? As long as it's legal to keep hot herps in your county, I don't think anyone in our club has a problem with it. Go ahead, man, post it again. I want to see what you had to say and how your presence enriches this forum.

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