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Here is a good info site, nice pics too>>>>>>>>

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Posted by muffin on April 25, 2003 at 19:14:57:

In Reply to: Here is a good info site, nice pics too>>>>>>>> posted by dennis447 on April 25, 2003 at 12:00:55:

::: HI am just got two perfect little aquaflame collard babies and was needing some care info and such. Just want to do everything right and can you tell me when they will begin to get their blues and such. The male already has bright orange bands and dots. Any help or info. would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
::Hi Dennis, Congratulations on the new aquaflames, they are very pretty, and in a few months with every shed they go through you will notice the blue color showing up more and more, the orange color is something the young ones lose as they age. Here is Will Wells site, he has many photos that you can check out that will help you to see color changes, and a captive care article you can read for temperatures and such. Usually there are more people on here to help whenever you may need to know anything else,*** Oh and we like pictures, HEHEHE, :0) so lets see the kids!*** Hope this helps, :0) Eve


:I can not get onto that site have tried to before but it wont load up. See I am on Webtv if you are familiar and they dont allow you to do all that much. SO let me know what I can do thanks.

it says that you shouldn't use a heatrock for your lizard. I've been using it for month's, is that ok? it also says that you shouldn't use a water dish. I also use a water dish is that ok? If not what should i use instead.

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