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Posted by eve on April 12, 2003 at 08:34:58:

In Reply to: Yeah it was i who called you a flirt but then............... posted by jason111 on April 12, 2003 at 07:11:25:

:I like stir a little trouble now and then,and my sexy typing could be down to my sexy finger technique which i only use for those special do you live near john?I had a bit of a close call this morning when all 4 collards decided to pounce on me and make a run for it this morning-my cat was behind the couch and he's been waiting to them for ages but i got to him first so next time i'll need to make sure that the cat is out.
:The eggs have got a slight fungus on them but still have'nt caved in so i'll leave them for now,had to biuld a bigger incubator as i now have 6 LG eggs and the 3 collards eggs (my son burst one)and the other 2 collards should be producing some soon.Any tips on inducing breeding.
:I also got a letter from my bro and he told me three days ago that he was ambushed in his tank,9 rockets connected with his tank but the only damage sustained was a busted track.
:see yah

:::at this flirting game but i too am not chiselled from fine oak,
:::more like old railway sleeper's and i'm only 21!Anyway the collareds love their new enclosure and i got 4 eggs from my bluestar but i think that they may be infertile,i'm icubating them anyway.It's been 5 days and they haven't sunk in so i'm hoping.My bro is doing great and i can now send him packages free of charge.So hows squashy and his companion getting along?Any signs of mating yet?
:::see yah
:::ps:you have lovely hands,LOL

::Ahhh ha, Jason your funny, I think you have called me a FLIRT, I consider John and You and alot of people on this forum, INCLUDING women, my Friends, Some very Good Friends, We have shared alot of knowlegde with one another, and have also at times, been able to lighten things up and play around, Iam an animal nut, but I also have a goofy personality and like to laugh, so if you want to call that flirting, SO LET IT BE WRITTEN !! LOL Back to collareds :0) glad they like their new enclosures, and Don't give up on those eggs, your right, they sound like they may be fine !!! Hope so, then we can see some more little ones. Also Wonderful about your brother, God Bless him, and all those guys and girls over there. :0) Oh by the way I love the sexy way you type !!! Hheheheheh LOL Bye Jason, Eve

You are a Trouble maker ! :0) BEHAVE !!! :0) As far as those eggs, with some fungus, I have heard some that sprinkle alittle Johnson and Johnson athletes foot fungus power on the spots, have never tried it. Hope they make it ! As far as your brother he was very blessed, I pray he makes it home safely and soon . :0) Eve

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