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Pump for misting system, would this work???

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Posted by charm_paradise on May 06, 2003 at 14:35:12:

In Reply to: Pump for misting system, would this work??? posted by eric adrignola on May 06, 2003 at 14:25:21:

Hi- they also sell just the pumps that they use in there kits! You can also get a valve with a timer from homedepot and use your house water pressure as your pump and set the timer to turn on and off at the times you wish. I bought one of the kits because I have 6 inside cages and will have 8 outside cages very soon! Good Luck!


::Hi- That will not create enough pressure. You need a pressure pump. To make a fine mist, you need alot of pressure in the tubing. You can buy a misting pump from I bought my misting system from them, and it works great. Hope this helps!

:I thought they might not put out enough pressure, but I read a post from a year back , and the guy said it worked. I can't spend money now, otherwise I'd get one of those systems....I'll have to mess round. I only need 3 misting nozzels, so It's also not worth it to spend lots of money now.



::: I cannot find any pump that I think will work, except a pond pump. It SHOULD work, right? I can connect the pump to a timer, then the pump to the misting kit.....Anyone tried it?
:::Eric A



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