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Brian & Rob, about humidity

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Posted by Rob Carmichael on May 05, 2003 at 11:24:08:

In Reply to: Brian & Rob, about humidity posted by neogeo on May 04, 2003 at 17:35:41:

My biggest concern with your set up is that you have a lot of exposetd cords inside the cage....a disaster waiting to happen. Get everything outside of the cage (or screen off the stuff that's inside to where the snake cannot get to it). I just silicone caulk the pvc pipe to the opening where the vapor comes out and run it directly into the cage...seems to work well. Recently, I have switched to pro product misting systems and this has been working exceptionally well (and a very cheap investment to put my mind at ease). Don't get too caught up with constantly high humidity levels. If you can keep them moderate most of the time and then really crank them up during shed cycles (via twice daily mistings, humidifiers, vaporizers, etc.) you should be fine.

:Here's the cage again:


:Ok, well these are my first snakes so I know I'm going to make some stupid mistakes like this, but I want to get things right. The humidifier is still just not really cutting it, if I leave it on for several hours and then turn it off I can get the humidity around 75%, but while its on it never goes over 55% - due to the heat the humidifier puts off. That's why I put it in the cage, I thought with it being as ineffective as it is, it wouldn't do anything outside the cage.

:But I would really like to hear how to run PVC pipe from the humidifier into the cage as I think it just looks terrible in there, and I definitely dont want any harm to come to the snakes as a result. And I'll get the holes covered.


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