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First of all, it's good to have you back around,....

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Posted by BrianSmith on May 04, 2003 at 20:09:29:

In Reply to: Ew, he reguritated... posted by hades-raptor on May 04, 2003 at 19:35:45:

Welcome back. One of my male burmese albino patternless will ALWAYS regurge if his meals are even slightly too large for him. So I must forever be content with giving him medium rats. None of the others are like this. I just assume his stomach is much more sensetive. I can't see this being the case with yours as he seems fairly large and has had rabbit meals. You may want to consider whether or not he has somehow ingested some of his own waste and maybe has been exposed to giardia in his stomach. I forget how to spell the term for this, but it's cytoplast_ _ _ia something or other. I'm sure another memeber, perhaps Rob, can help me out here. But from what I understand if this is the case it's very treatable. In fact, a guy recently posted info on an "internal parasite coctail" in the Boa forum. Ask around and see what others think of this and find out more about the dosage for panacure and flagyl and if he does have internal parasites you can have this under control in no time. From my limited knowledge of this I think the thing to look for now would be diareah. If he has this I would suggest the administration of those medications in proper doses.

:I'm slightly worried o_O Tenchi regurgitated his meal yesterday. He ate the meal on Thursday night. So now I have this big, very bad smelling pile of decrepid rat in his cage. (I found two extra huge rats in my freezer, so he's getting them before he goes back to rabbits)

:It's got my worried though, because he's never done this before, and it's not like he's has a lot of stress. I haven't handled him in about a month (arm injury), and I've been out of town for the past week, so no one/nothing has been around to bother him. I admit to not cleaning his cage as much as I should be, simply beacause I can't get in there to take him out (I really dont trust anyone else to get him out of his cage, yet). But even though I havent been cleaning as much, he still gets regular water changes. ANd it's not like his cage is piled in filth, you can barely tell anything is dirty.

:But after he regurgitated I found a way to get him out and scrub down his cage.

:Should I be worried it's some disease, or just a chance regurgitation? Thanks :D

:ps. I know, Im paranoid at the littlest things, but he's a kid to me :D

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