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Speaking from experience, that's a load of $#!1,...

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Posted by BrianSmith on May 04, 2003 at 17:13:48:

In Reply to: LOL what you mean he had to lol or he'll be dead posted by diseasedstran on May 04, 2003 at 02:40:55:

I didn't read the article posted above because quite frankly stuff like that saddens me and I'd rather not know. But I assume someone got taken as "food" and they killed the burm to get it off of them. I have been taken and wrapped by burms larger than the one described here (13). Once I was even taken by the mouth and chin by a 13' 8" female burmese during feeding. She of course wrapped on me around my head and shoulders. As this had happened to me a good number of times in the past (though never in the face, I must say) I knew to just lay still (in this case, "stand") and wait it out. It was less than a minute before she slowly loosened and withdrew her teeth. At this point I slowly took control of her (slowly so she wouldn't get excited again) and got her into a cage and then went and washed my face off. It was really no big deal and even though my mouth, chin and even my gums were pretty poked up and sliced I just went back to feeding. I was never "mad" at her, nor was I ever overly concerned during the event. Because my experience had taught me that they let go soon if one does not move. It has never failed me before and I would suggest to anyone keeping large constrictors to remember this simple fact. Why, just two nights ago a sub-adult female tiger missed her rabbit and got my whole left thumb in her mouth. She wrapped up my arm and proceeded to "kill" me. lol. As she is only about 7 or 8 feet and 9 months old she is still very thin and not could not pose any "real" threat. I called my wife over to show her saying, "You want to learn something?" lol. The reason for this is very simple but also VERY important. She has been around the snakes for a little over a year now, but she has yet to get any serious bite or be wrapped on. And I know that she will panic when this happens. Some people react certain ways in certain situations and I know how she will react when this happens. So I want her to learn what to do before it happens and to EXPECT it and thus be prepared for it. Face it, we keep and breed giant python species, it's just a matter of time until one is grabbed. It just goes with the teritory. So anyways, I described how it doesn't hurt as badly as it looks, etc and how she would release me in a short amount of time, etc. (I really want her to understand this and to not FEAR it. Fear makes one make mistakes, you know) Sure enough, about 40 seconds later "Kitty" released my thumb and me and quite surprisingly she headed right into her cage and very accurately grabbed her rabbit all in one motion. I simply wiped off the blood and wrapped some paper towel around the minor punture/slice wound and went back to feeding. Now, had I struggled or thrashed about this could have been a different scenario. Even a small python is hard to get off when they are determined to eat. (other stories for other days)

:There's Alot of other Nonharmfull ways of geting a snake to let go of you other than stabing it. That's totaly uncalled for in any situation.
::not trying to be mean but if that was you what would you do let him eat you?
::But if them a$$holes did that s**t for fun they need to be stabbed in the face :)


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