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Amen to that..

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Posted by tango on May 01, 2003 at 14:32:45:

In Reply to: Sevin dust and how to use it to kill mites.... posted by BrianSmith on April 28, 2003 at 15:30:13:

I've used everything in my collection of giant snakes. It drove me crazy. Nothing will work effectively on a giant that has its substrate changed weekly- except 5% sevin dust. Those little pests will develop a certain resistance to the insecticide used unless you can get them all at the same time. That can't be done with other mite killers being marketed as such. Provent-a-Mite will work very well on smaller snakes and as a preventative but when you have an outright outbreak, I can't say that from my experience anything has worked like 5% sevin dust beneath the substrate. I also use it on the carpeting.
:I wouldn't recommend using no-pest strips. I know that many people use them and I don't have any actual "proof" that they are harmful, but back in the 80's a lot of my breeder/herper friends used them and many of their snakes developed fatal neurological disorders and died as a result. Those that weren't using the pest strips didn't experience this. I realize that this in and of itself is not hard evidence that the strips caused this to happen, but it sure was one hell of a coincidence. I would like to read any info from any other herpers that have witnessed this with no-pest strips or can share any experience like this.
: I haven't had any mites in my colonies for over 13 years, but when I did have them I used 5% sevin dust. And when I have friends that get mites on their snakes I recommend that they use it. While sevin dust is a toxic substance by definition, it is not the same as the other "poisons" in aerosol form, liquid form or emmiting form. It is a powder-form dehydrating agent designed to dehydrate (dry) parasitic exoskeletal insects, arachnids, (spiders mites ticks etc) and other land crustacean insects to death. Sevin dust was/is developed for use on human agriculture and can be used just hours or days prior to harvest and consumption. So this by itself indicates how safe it is. I myself have never had any problems with it nor has anyone I know that uses it. As a fine powder it is easily massaged into the deep recesses of the snake's scales. You put the powder in your hand and wrap your fingers around the snake if possible and in a back and forth stroking motion you work it into the scales of the snake. Remove any water from the snake's cage during this treatment. It is best to remove any shavings or other wood based substrate while mites are present. Having dense wood chips completely defeats the purpose as the mites lay their eggs in it. Sprinkle sevin dust liberally on the floor of the cage and lay newspaper over it. Then sprinkle a light coat on top of the paper. Wait two days, wash your snake off with lukewarm water, dry and repeat sevin treatment. After a day or two all the mites IN the cage and on the snake should be erradicated. If they are outside of the cage you have to kill them there too. A more drastic poison can be used outside of the cage, but not on or near where any snake food is prepared or kept.
: Any home depot or walmart will have sevin dust in their garden pest control section. It is cheap and easy. I hope this helps.

::Just found out that No-Pest-Strips work just as well. Seems you need about 1 cm square per 10 gal for your tank also make it so the snake can not come into direct contact with it put it in something with holes for other words. I plan to use 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm for my 55 gal tank.
:::I was wodnering if anyone here could help me out.I have a burmese python,2 red tail`s,and a green tree python.I just got 1 of the red tail`s 2 weeks ago and now my snakes have mites when i bought the snake i didnt see any on him.What is the best way to get rid of them. Thanks



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