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This sounds like RI symptoms to me,...more

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Posted by BrianSmith on April 30, 2003 at 15:26:57:

In Reply to: This sounds like RI symptoms to me,...more posted by neogeo on April 30, 2003 at 14:59:32:

I've heard that it isn't contagious,.. but I personally would NEVER take any chance of spreading it. Just in case, you know?

:Ok, I'll do my best. Once more question - we have two other snakes in the house - so is this contagious?

:Thanks Brian,

::They will raise parts of their body along the section where their windpipe is located in order to shift a mucus blockage so as to better breathe. I would suggest to you to up the humidity and KEEP IT UP and maintain the temps at 88 to 90 until this goes away, OR, get her to a vet (not always necessary in my humble opinion) to find out what is already apparent. The main reason a vet visit would even be useful is for the purpose of having antibiotics prescribed (cultures are NOT necessary to get these, just the presense of a sick snake). But the administration of antibiotics are not always helpful and can even be detremental if either administered improperly or if the snake is in an extremely dehydrated condition. (harmful to the kidneys) My advice would be what I said above about heat and humidity and to not chill or stress the snake and see if she improves over the next two weeks. And lastly, I would recomend that you do whatever Rob suggests that you do even if it contradicts my advice here as he has a lot more experience than I do with sick burmese.

:::Last night my burm was doing something I've never seen before. When he would breath in, part of his body would litterally raise up off the floor a couple inches. Then it would go back down and he would breath out and it was really loud, didn't sound like weezing or that he was congested or anything, just like he was breathing out really hard.

:::I left the humidifier on all night last night and this morning he isn't doing it anymore he's breathing just normal.

:::He just barely ate the day before (monday) and some time during the night / early morning he urinated. He also looks like he is going into shed cycle, his eyes aren't cloudy but he's noticably darker and his scales look more, I don't know, plasticy I guess. I don't know if any of that would have anything to do with his breathing wierd.

:::Thanks in advance,



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