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Poll Question: Full ban on reptile importation? Yay/Nay?

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Posted by diseasedstran on April 24, 2003 at 17:09:33:

In Reply to: Poll Question: Full ban on reptile importation? Yay/Nay? posted by BrianSmith on April 23, 2003 at 18:41:58:

I dont have to many comments on the importation of snakes. This started out as a post of to many burms being bred and not enough homes. And has grown into the World trade argument it is now. True , You need trade to keep the Gene pool fresh. True , Some snakes that are already over saturated need to be cut back to a minimum. True , Some cases such as New Morphs are needed to keep the Business Side going. But , I'v Seen importers here On this site , in the Clasified section Claiming the impotation of 3 - 5,000 Ball pythons at a time. I dont think this is Needed , And this was only 2 Posts that i read. That's alot of BP's for one person isnt it ? Take into consideration the number of people importing 3 to 5 thousand of these little guys in at one time.
You See the over population porblum. That i think is what needs to be cut back. Ban Trade ? that's not going to do anything but force people who make a living off of the export of snakes to start breaking the law. It'll be more of a drug Run than a Snake export. And you cant say that it wont be. You cant expect someone who makes his livelyhood off of exportation of Burms to just quit , and go get a job at Mcdonalds in downtown Kenya.
It's not gona happen. That's like Saying that Tomarow Marlboro is going to go out of Business Even though there's still people out there that smoke. It'll be another underground Alchohol era with people Makin Whiskey in the basement in bath tubs. Kinda Like Pot , ok no more examples. Heh. Ok Now that's some rambling. Now take me for example. I dont import. I dont sell to pet stores. But i cant look past the fact that i can pay for my animals by stickin two together for some in cage romping. I'm stuck with 20 - 40 babies for a month or so till i can get rid of them. and on a year without vet bills other than check -up's or something. My hobby is paid for. A free hobby Is a good thing. I cant aford my house pament and all the bills that go with it. And a few thousand a year for cages , food , etc. I'v started to breed rabits for the big burms i have. but if i can make 2 or 3 grand a year off of one of them. Why not ? I know it sounds harsh , but i cant make sure and see through every single snake i sell , i'm not gona sell one to a 8 yearold holding a Gi joe with a nail through it's head and a skull and cross bones on his shirt. but an Adult over 18 years old Should be bale to deside on his own After reading a care sheet, if he can handle a snake or not. If 2 years down the road he desides he cant. How's that anyones fault but his. That's like you Wrecking Your Car and Balming the Dealership For selling it to your non drivin A$$
Or a Smoker that get's cancer and Sueing Marlboro. it's Stupid. It's just another way of takin the blame off ones self. Nobody forced him to buy a snake. And it's nobody's fault except the one who bought it if it ends up in a rescue or not. And to say someone cant breed his own snakes , Just to see what kinda morphs he can get out of them
isnt right.

:Regardless of if the reptiles are "captive hatched" in farms in other countries, or ripped straight out of their natural environments, these animals suffer greatly as a result of being shipped and warehoused in cramped and filthy conditions. Furthermore, this importation of reptiles drives the prices way down and helps to land these poor animals into the hands of neglectful keepers. Let's try to put a stop to this somehow. We can start by taking a vote and see what percentage of true herpers really care what happens to these mistreated animals just to turn a quick buck. Please vote "Yay!" if you actually care to help put a stop to the suffering of these wonderful creatures. Thank you.

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