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Very valid points >>>more

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Posted by highlander1 on April 21, 2003 at 22:27:07:

In Reply to: Yes it is - LONG posted by VAReptileRescue on April 21, 2003 at 19:54:49:

:I have to disagree here. It *IS* due to overpopulation. If there weren't as many for people to have, then people wouldn't have them! I'm not against people owning large boids; I'm against people owning large boids who haven't a clue what their future holds - oh, wait, that's most people, since I don't know of anyone with a crystal ball. Seriously, I have found VERY, VERY few people, including professionals, zoos, etc., that provide what I would consider a minimally acceptable habitat for an adult Burmese. My husband and I just built a professional/zoo-quality cage that is 8'W x 6'T x 4'D. We use this to house the pair of albinos we rescued last year. People we talked to ridiculed us for providing such a tall cage, yet, I couldn't NOT provide vertical space for them. They wouldn't remain on the ground exclusively in the wild - why wouldn't they need to climb in captivity? My previous experience with a cage this size for a Burm proved me right - she climbed all over that cage, with 5 different levels. These burms now are doing the same. Even still, this cage is grossly undersized for this animal, in my opinion, but it's the best I can do.

It may well be overpopulation that is the problem but its not the entire problem.The entire problem is the fact that they are readily available for anyone with the money to have.When i say anyone i do mean anyone because lets face it there not exactly expensive to get.A 12 year old can get them if their parents will let them and if they have the money.Thats the scary realistic part of all this controversy.Now i'm not saying that all "kids" should have one or all adults but the reality of the situation is,Its entirely possible because of them being so readily available for everyone.Thats where the regulations would be real handy.

A cage thats 8 x 3 x 3.5 or 4 would be the bare necessities for say a 12-15 ft. burm,but there are people that keep these snakes that size in much smaller enclosures because they "think" it will keep them small.After they realize that thats not the case they will usually give them up for rescue or sell them.To house a full grown adult burm properly one would have to have a room sized enclosure 10x10x10 and that would still be small considering their natural habitat.So lets say you have 20,15 ft burms that you want to house in that size enclosure for the realism.To make this realism occur you would have to have a building approximately 125L x 40w x 15h(inside).Now considering todays building codes,prices,contractors,supplies,etc. that can cost from $40-$60,000 to build.Thats not very cheap to build a building suitable to house that many burms.So the reality is that not everyone should be able to keep these animals but we do because thats what we as herpers do, keep herps for either breeding,pets,research,education,etc.

:So, if 99.9% of the population can't provide adequate housing for them, then why in hades are we pumping them out by the dozens at a time?

Well this one is a toughy.There are probably numerous reasons for this but i'll just hit on a few.1) Because people like the idea of being able to produce something for themselves.Kinda like having your first child you're extatic.2) Because of the quick money and sales one can probably aquire from these animals.3) To be able to produce something that no one else has (new morph or phase). Thats just a few .

:The point was valid that I get in as many (or more) ball pythons and boas. very, very true. But the capacity to care for these animals is *generally* more wide-spread, and easier for people to attain. Even still, I have trouble at times placing them because they are also rather common. (On the other hand, the true Guyana RTB I just took in already has 8 applications... go figure.)

True the info and care for boas and b/ps is widely found but how many actually go through with getting the info before getting the animal?

:OK, hypothetical situation: Let's say we are suddenly able to reproduce dinosaurs, a la "Jurassic Park". Does that mean we should allow them to be sold to anyone with the money? Here's a not-so-hypothetical situation: look at the classifieds and see how long it takes you to find ads for baby Nile Crocs. What idiot would buy one? Rather, what idiot thinks so highly of him/herself that he thinks he can provide for this animal?? Granted, Burms are a little more even-tempered than crocs, but the bottom line is the same: you can't care for them properly without a heck of a big wallet, so maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't tempt people with things when it' so obvious that people can't control their "wants". Just because we can have something doesn't mean we should. (Now, if I could just remember that when I pass by the ice-cream stands... hmm...)

The "Jurassic Park" idea isnt so far fetched.Those cloning "experts" are already getting the idea in their heads.All they need to do is figure out how to get the DNA from one of fossils and wallah newborn dinos.And no we shouldnt have one as pets.I could see it now.Some 10 year old kid wanting a baby raptor or T-rex for a pet.I could also see the headlines:Jr. gets head ripped off by juvenile T-Rex.Wouldnt be a funny future.As for the crocs,Gators arent so bad because they dont get quite so big and arent known as maneaters.Crocs on the other hand are well known maneaters and anyone wanting one for a pet has bigger webos than me.Temptaion is always there its just a matter of whether or not your willing to give in.Regards Bill McLeod


:PS - for anyone wondering, when I'm logged in this way, my "moderator" hat is off..

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