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Posted by Tenor Goddess on April 17, 2003 at 15:50:23:

In Reply to: JUST GOT BIT !!!! NOW WHAT ?? posted by joemichaelaz on April 16, 2003 at 17:03:47:

First off, I sympathize with the shock and pain you are feeling. Everyone's first bite is like that. When the baby albino I had rescued just bit me it shocked the hell out of me and she latched but wriggled like crazy (no wrapping) and was "chewing" on me. She is absolutely terrified of people so we know why she did it. ;)
Just look at it this way, and NO I am in no way trying to make light of this especially since it was such a large snake and not a is a learning experience. Albeit, I'm glad you are safe but I do worry about the snake with the lysol. Be sure to watch her closely, listen to her breathing, watch her behavior, feeding, shedding, etc. for any abnormalities...wouldn't be a bad idea for a vet trip just to be safe.
For the alcohol, you can use rubbing alcohol but ONLY on a rag or old shirt (something) that can be waved in front of the snake's nose. That stuff is potent enough to make it let go. DO NOT rub it or splash it directly on the snake period.
I personally prefer either what hades_raptor said, the warm water (make sure it isn't TOO hot as it could burn the more sensitive reptilian skin than it would ours) or drinking alcohol. I keep a bottle of rum (yummy!)or crown royal whiskey AND a bottle of rubbing around some loose rags (no fire hazard there.LOL!). I keep the rum and whiskey in labeled small shot sized glasses with popoff lids for ease of accessability. I haven't had to use them yet but this is for those occasions like you suffered. Keep in mind you drop this down their gullet but don't just make them chug run the very serious risk of it going down their trachea if you're not careful. You could just dump it on a rag and stick that on their faces too but just remember more importantly do NOT use rubbing alcohol for direct physical contact and NEVER in the mouth. For the rubbing, I've had a lizard chomp on me before (small monitor...ouuuuuch!) and I opened the cabinet while sitting there on the floor, pulled out the rag and bottle of rubbing alcohol, dumped a small amount (trust me, it's enough!) on the rag and waved it around in the little punk's face. LOL! He let go and ran to the corner. I hope this helps and PLEASE someone correct me if I said anything wrong...typed in a hurry.

Speaking of this, does anyone think smelling salts would be effective?

Amanda & the Menagerie
:Damm it hurts.. i'm typing with my left hand shaking like never before.. my 11 foot burm just bit my right forearm for the first time in 7 years.. she just ate 5 !! days ago.. a large rabbit as usuall... i was unable to move and lucky my 4 year old was in the house to help me.. he ran and got a can of lysol and sprayed the snake in the face untill she let go of my forearm.. what now..will the snake be O.k. ?? do i keep her or what ?? will she do this again ?? befoe takeing her out I spray my arm with thie lysol so I dont have any smells on me .. what do I do ??
:dam it hurts so much...


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